Without Yanmar Power, Tacos Will Not Be Served

Al Carbone 2
Many commercial operations depend on reliable electrical power, but none more so than the amazing new Sydney food truck, Al Carbón.  The super quiet hum from the Yanmar eG140i diesel inverter generator, confirms that all is well in the mobile Mexican taco

The brainchild of Sydney entrepreneur Attila Yilmaz, Al Carbón brings Mexican tacos to the streets of Sydney.   Transforming the spark of an idea to reality has taken some 18 months of toil, not to mention a significant financial investment.

It is hoped that beyond the prototype model a national network of franchised trailers will evolve.

“We have a vision that someday there will be hundreds of Al Carbón trailers serving tacos right across Australia,” said Attila.  “Australians love Mexican food, they love outdoor dining more and more, so we feel that we have the right product for the right time.”

A Yanmar gen set is at the heart of the mobile kitchen.  The Yanmar eG140i diesel inverter generator is the sole electrical power source on board the Al Carbón trailer.    With an output of 11 kVA, the gen set powers the tortilla press, two fridge units, house lighting and theme lights.  While there is also LPG on board to fire the charcoal BBQ, electrical power drives the rotisserie.  All the kitchen equipment runs on 240 volt power.

The Yanmar gen set is mounted high on the front of the Al Carbón trailer.   This places the Yanmar gen set well away from customers, distant from the food prep areas and ultimately shielded by the servery shutters when the trailer is open for service.

Being mounted high delivers several benefits.    The already low noise signature is further reduced and the exhaust is also high and well away patrons and food.
Al Carbone 1
The Yanmar eG140i is rated up to 11 kVA in standby mode.  Using state of the art inverter technology, the Yanmar eG140i adjusts engine rpm to suit the load and in doing so can result in fuel savings of up to 40% against comparable conventional diesel generator sets. As an added bonus, due to the engine rpm being adjusted according to load, the Yanmar eG140i is also typically much quieter (up to 10dB(A) depending upon application) than comparative conventional units, an important feature when used in public locations.

The Yanmar eG140i is driven by the state of the art Yanmar 3TNM diesel engine which is noted for low noise levels and low emissions.

The company behind the engineering of the Al Carbón trailer is the Sydney based engineering business, Nevco.  Company principal George Pethard regards the trailer as a mini marvel.  “The trailer has a unique hydraulic suspension system which lowers the entire
trailer to ground level for service,” Attila said.

“As a food truck, the big benefit is that the people supplying service are at the same eye level as the patrons.”

When it is time to pack up and depart, the hydraulics raise the entire kitchen and it reverts to being a trailer.   A hydraulic tailgate, when lowered, extends the kitchen by almost 3 meters with modular cooking equipment rolling out on the base.

The trailer measures 9m long and weighs in at over 3 tonnes.  The BBQ unit alone weighs 500kgs, the meat locker when loaded adds another 400 kgs and there is also 300 litres of water on board.

With the Al Carbón Mexican Cantina being booked at public events and corporate functions, the absolute reliance on the Yanmar eG140i is both paramount and obvious.

“We totally depend on the Yanmar gen set to run the Al Carbón trailer when we are on site,” said Attila Yilmaz.   “Failure is definitely not an option and that’s the reason why I chose Yanmar for our electrical power.”

“The eG140i delivers all the power that we need and then some.   The gen set does everything that is important to our operation.   It’s quiet, has low emissions and is nicely tucked away so that no-one even notices that it is running.”

“This is been a long term project, not only to get the first unit into the market but to then to move on and now build a bigger operation.  Power Equipment has been amazingly supportive of our quest and provided valuable assistance from when we first made contact with them.”