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The V8 Game Changer in Sportfishing

Introducing Yanmar’s 8LV370: Powering the Tasman 80 Sportfishing Vessel

Several new players have emerged in the recreational marine sector over the last 12 months who are looking to fundamentally change the game. Tasman Boats are shaping up as one of those boat companies to watch with their innovative Tasman 80 offering, a serious sportfishing platform made all-the-more exciting by Yanmar’s 8LV370 common-rail diesel power.

Tasman Boats V8 Sportfishing vessel Powered By Yanmar 8LV on water

Yanmar’s incredible 8LV370 common-rail diesel is set to star in probably the most exciting offering to the Australia and New Zealand recreational and fishing boat market in the last 25 years. Powering the new Tasman 80 – a sportfishing vessel with an 8.0metre length and 2.8metre (max) beam – the 8LV370 will be coupled with the famous KMH50A gearbox to propel this single shaft-drive, tailerable boat.

Yes, you read that correctly, SINGLE SHAFT!. Don’t be fooled by a single propeller however – the 8LV370 is set to make this hull move well!

With a lightship construction weight of just 2,450kg, (4,270kg fully loaded), current estimates give the boat a top speed of 40knots (mid-loaded) and an easy cruising stride of 28knots at very economical revs.

As many new boat builders and repowering experts are discovering with the 8LV370, the fact that this engine hits its impressive torque max at just over 2,000rpm and most of its power curve under the 3,000rpm mark, the performance results are as stunning as they are efficient.

The Tasman 80 will have a 355 nautical mile range (with 10 per cent reserve for safety) out of 650 litres of fuel in FRP vinyl ester tanks. Imagine how much petrol you’d need to drum onboard to get that range out of an average petrol-powered sportfisher?!

Tasman Boats V8 Sportfishing vessel Yanmar Controls
Tasman Boats V8 Sportfishing vessel Powered By Yanmar On The water
Tasman Boats V8 Sportfishing vessel design

Unveiling the Ultimate Sportfishing Experience

“We set out to build the most advanced, trailerable sportfishing boat in Australia,” says Jason Hutchins, Director of Tasman Boats Pty Ltd.

Jason is a keen fisherman and experienced across several fishing vessels of various formats, so the project has started with better than a good idea of what was needed in such a boat.

It certainly seems as though that mission has been accomplished too, because the Tasman 80 is ticking more boxes than there are boxes to tick among other trailer boat offerings.

“We’ve designed a boat that is a very capable offshore platform, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing,” Jason says, “You could comfortably spend a week on this boat if you want to in relative luxury, whilst also having a serious offshore fishing boat at your disposal”.

“All Tasman boats are resin-infused vinyl ester hulls, and all parts are resin infused 100% composite,” Jason said, “they’re purpose built for the often-tough conditions of Bass Strait and the east coast of Australia.”

With generous freeboard, significant bow flare, broad chines, and a fine entry leading to 21 degree deadrise at the transom, the Tasman 80 is built to AS1799/AMSA commercial standard.

And that’s before you add the brilliance of Yanmar’s 8LV370 to the equation!

The hi-tech, common-rail diesel is adding performance, efficiency and range to this fishing machine that petrol outboard boats could only dream of.

The 8LV series of Yanmars, (also available in 320mhp and 350mhp variants), are a 4.46L, twin-turbo V8 marine engine that can be coupled to a gearbox or sterndrive.

Built with the renowned Yanmar qualities of performance, reliability, durability and respect for nature, the electronically controlled 8LV is an engine that pushes marine standards to a new level.

No wonder it is such a good match for the innovative Tasman 80!

The first hulls were rolling off the Tasman Boats production line early this year, with strong forward orders.

If you’re in the market for what is sure to be one of the best sportfishing platforms in the southern hemisphere, it’s probably time to put your name down for a Tasman 80/Yanmar 8LV370 combo!

Tasman Boats V8 Sportfishing vessel Yanmar Control bridge
Tasman Boats Sportfishing vessel showing Engine Yanmar 8LV
Tasman Boats V8 Sportfishing vessel design luxury

Ticking ALL the boxes for a true sportfishing machine

A glance down the list of the Tasman 80’s standard features is as impressive as the Yanmar 8LV370’s credentials.

It comes with an electric tunnel thruster as standard, (to help in close quarters maneuvering with the single shaft), and an electric marine toilet and sink in an enclosed head.

A 60litre plumbed live bait tank keeps life-giving water in the boat, while standard twin float-activated bilge pumps are on standby for any water not wanted in the hull.

A fully self-draining cockpit again puts the water where it needs to be and houses not one, but two insulated kill tank/floor lockers.

A transom door is standard, with an optional duckboard/swim platform available among other hard-to-resist options for the Tasman 80.

Water cooled exhaust with FRP waterlift muffler helps keep the already quiet 8LV370 Yanmar even quieter, whether at idle or spinning the standard 4-bladed bronze prop. Even though it’s a shaft drive, there is nothing hanging too low on this boat either, with a tunnel design keeping the vitals tucked to a very neat 0.77metre draft.

The list goes on with the Tasman 80 and worth checking out www.tasmanboats.com.au