COX 350
Diesel Outboard

Engine Specifications


Powerboat Engine, Commercial Engine, Diesel Outboard

Power Output (HP)


Power Output (kW)



4.4 L






Dry Weight



Hydraulic, Electronic, Joystick



Go further. Go faster. Go Diesel

Designed from a blank sheet of paper for both commercial and recreational use, the Cox V8 is a new generation of diesel technology, offering a high-powered 350hp diesel outboard propulsion option for the marine market.

We challenged the conventional thinking of what an outboard can do.
Most want to compare the Cox Marine V8 to the current crop of petrol outboards currently available on the market, yet we’re already stepping ahead of them.
The Cox V8 range is in a league of its own when it comes to its combination of fuel economy, power delivery, and safety.


Meeting the demand for an
alternative outboard option

The V8 represents the start of a new generation of marine outboard technology, offering an innovative alternative propulsion solution, that helps to meet the increasing demand for outboards brought about by reasons of safety, convenience and emissions.

Cox engine cut out 1-01

1 – Twin Turbo Engine
The V8 has twin-turbos that generate significantly more torque at lower RPM and maintan this power across engine speeds.

2 – Vertical Crankshaft
The vertical design allows for efficient packaging
and direct drive of the transmission, providing closer
transom spacing for multiple installations.

3 – Power Distribution Module
Equipped with self-resetting fuses , this module
allows for active power management of the
outboard power systems.

4 – Electronic Controls & Steering
The Optimus Steering enhances control of your
vessel. Compatibility with NMEA2000 makes it easy
to install on a wide range of vessels.

5 – Power Tilt-Trim
Designed in-house, The V8’s PTT bracket is built to withstand the toughest sea conditions and has been put through extensive durability testing.

6 – Universal Transom Bolting Pattern
Allows easy installation to a wide range of vessels, making re-powering easier than ever.

7 – Transmission
The transmission has been specifically designed to withstand high torque, even when sea conditions are at their most challenging.

8 – Standard Propeller Spline
1.25” 19 tooth spline output shaft ensures both durability and compatibility with a range of industry standard hub kits and propellers.


High torque at low RPM

At 2600 RPM, The V8 delivers its peak torque, allowing your vessel to move through the water in a controlled and smooth manner, whilst also meeting the demands for a high performing outboard engine and ensuring provide a safer more convenient alternative propulsion option.

300hp Petrol Outboard: 380Nm torque

300hp Cox V8: 949Nm torque

425hp Petrol Outboard: 512Nm torque

350hp Cox V8: 1052Nm torque

Unprecedented fuel savings

With at least a 30% improvement on fuel efficiency compared to an equivalent gasoline outboard, the Cox V8 proves to be an incredibly cost effective outboard, making it the obvious alternative choice of marine propulsion options.

300hp Petrol Outboard: 98L per hour

300hp Cox V8: 72L per hour

425hp Petrol Outboard: 140L per hour

350hp Cox V8: 87L per hour

Suitable for a wide range of marine applications

The V8 has been uniquely designed, but that doesn’t limit its applications. After all, it meets all existing industry standards, so can bring its exceptional performance to a wide range of commercial and recreational vessels.


The commercially rated Cox V8 has been designed and built for purpose to support commercial operations. Our global support network is there for you 24/7 to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.


The fuel efficiency of the Cox V8 provides you with longer range for your fishing trips, helping you find those extra special fishing spots to get your catch-of-the-day.


This high-performance, V8 diesel outboard engine quickly reaches its top speed of 4000RPM, getting you to where you need to be, swiftly and efficiently.


The Cox V8 offers a service life that is three times that of a gasoline equivalent, therefore reducing your vessel’s downtime and ensuring your business can run as usual, for longer periods of time.


The Cox V8 produces 20-35% less CO2 than comparable petrol products, making those trips back and forth less harmful to the natural environment, whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.


Having received EPA Tier 3, RCD II, and IMO II certification of approval, the Cox V8 is one of the most environmentally friendly options available to assist in energy and environmental jobs out at sea.

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