CP Propellers

Controllable Pitch Propellers

A controllable pitch propeller (CPP) has blades that can be rotated around their long axis to change the blade pitch.

Hundested CP Propellers range in diameters from 750mm to 4000mm and a power range from 300HP to 5000HP.  CP Propellers are made-to-order and utilize grease lubrication.



Efficiency and Reduced Emissions
With its pitch varied to absorb the maximum engine power, the CPP is efficient for the full range of rotational speeds (RPM), operational conditions (load) and vessel speed.  The result is reduced fuel consumption, reduced emissions and less noise.

Yachts, when motorsailing, can coarsen the blade angle to attain the optimum drive from wind and engines and fully feather the blades to reduce drag when sailing. When low in-transit speed is desired, twin screw motoryachts can adjust one propeller to feathering position whilst the other powers the vessel, extending the service life of the engines.

Fully loaded commercial vessels need more propulsion power than when empty.  By adjusting the propeller to the optimal pitch, the engine can operate at maximum power without overloading the system.  At lower than maximum vessel speed, fuel consumption can be considerably reduced, and cruising range extended, by lowering the engine RPM while increasing the propeller pitch to maintain the required vessel speed.

When maneuvering a vessel with CP propellers the engines will be on a fixed RPM and only the pitch is changed, providing instant acceleration, quicker speed from a standstill and more effective deceleration, making stopping quicker and safer.

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