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Precision-Engineered Industrial Petrol Engines for Tough Machinery

Industrial Petrol Engines Engineered for the Toughest Challenges

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CRX engines are a range of Industiral Petrol Engines that stand out from the ordinary motors. These robust powerhouses are meticulously designed to thrive in the most demanding industrial settings. Whether you’re powering generators, pumps, welders, or other heavy-duty equipment, CRX engines bring you:

  • Reliability
    Our engines boast precision-engineered components and undergo rigorous quality control, ensuring a reliable start every time and continuous operation throughout your shifts. With features like forged crankshafts, steel ball bearings, and heavy-duty castings, these engines offer exceptional durability.
  • Outstanding Performance
    Optimised designs and cutting-edge technologies are harnessed to maximize power output and fuel efficiency, ensuring both productivity and cost-effectiveness. Dual fuel filters and low oil shutdown features safeguard your engine, prolonging its lifespan.
  • User-Friendliness
    CRX engines are crafted with the operator in mind. Electric start options expedite your workflow, while user-friendly features such as electric chokes and fuel injectors simplify both operation and maintenance.

A Comprehensive Range to Meet Every Requirement

CRX provides a diverse selection of engines tailored to meet your specific industrial needs:

1. Powerful Single-Cylinder Engines: Ideal for applications such as generators, pressure washers, and compact equipment.

2. Heavy-Duty V-Twin Engines: Delivering ample power for larger equipment like welders, compressors, and industrial pumps.

Choose CRX engines to empower your industrial endeavours with unmatched reliability, performance, and ease of use.