Yanmar Gen Set Powers Radical Mobile Ozone Generator

Oxyzone 1

Yanmar’s advanced eG100i generator set has been selected to power a radical new Ozone generator.    The mobile unit is to be used by Sydney Water as an alternative to a dangerous chlorine pipe sanitising system.

In a busy factory on the outskirts of Gosford, David Hiscock and his small team of engineers have been quietly developing a ruggedized mobile plant that generates Ozone.  Ozone is a gas commonly used in water treatment and recycling.

But because Ozone, once generated, has a life of about 20 minutes before it decomposes, it is essential that any application needs to be close to the source of Ozone production.    That’s where David Hiscock at Oxyzone has created a ground breaking Australian first.

Oxyzone has taken series of proven technologies and invented a new application.  The mobile Ozone generating plant allows for the first time, Ozone to be created and applied in the field.

In the case of Oxyzone, the mobile Ozone generator is to be used in a trial commissioned by Sydney Water.  Once the trials of the prototype have been run and completed, the possible future orders for this technology run into hundreds of units.

Currently Sydney Water (and others) use a chlorine process to sanitise new water pipes.  Following the installation of water pipes in a new development, water is used to initially flush out any residual debris from the pipe laying process.  Then a chlorine mix is sent down the pipes to sanitise the work before drinking water is allowed to pass through.

Chlorine in high levels of concentration is a dangerous product.  Ozone does exactly the same job of sanitising, but without the inherent dangers to workers.

“Of course to drive our mobile plant we need a power source, and that is Yanmar,” said David Hiscock.

Oxyzone 2

“With Ozone generation, portability is everything, so we need reliable and dependable power.  The YanmareG100i is a reliable product, that is economical to run and cost effective for our application.”

“The Yanmar eG100i easily delivers the required 2.5 kW of power required for our booster pump.  When operating, the Ozone generator produces and mixes Ozone with water at the rate of 3 parts per million, delivering water flow of 500 litres per minute.  Generally we operate the unit for four hours at a time.”

The Yanmar eG100i is rated up to 7.5KVA standby.  Using state of the art inverter technology, the Yanmar eG100i adjusts engine rpm to suit the load and in doing so, can result in fuel savings of up to 40% against comparable conventional diesel generator sets. As an added bonus, due to the engine rpm being adjusted according to load, the Yanmar eG100i is also typically much quieter (up to 10dB(A) depending upon application) than comparative conventional units, an important feature when used in domestic situations.

The eG100i is driven by the state of the art Yanmar 2TNV70 diesel engine which is already Tier 3 emission compliant.