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Family businesses working together

Crommelins Machinery – a leading name in small machinery and industrial hire since the 1950’s – has been using Yanmar LN series diesels in many of its Australian-made machines for a number of years now. A family-based business, it shares many of the values and philosophies of Power Equipment and proves that there is no substitute for quality, integrity and experience.

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Crommelins Machinery and Power Equipment share much more than just a trust in the Yanmar brand of diesel engines – they are both family businesses with proud history and success.

While the Crommelins story as a business spans around twice the number of years of Power Equipment, certainly some similarities are obvious.

The late Terry Crommelin, founder of today’s Crommelins Machinery, launched his small machinery distributorship in Western Australia in 1958, (from the back of an EJ Holden no less!). Adoption of Japanese technology and products – including Robin Subaru engines and being the first Makita distributorship in Australia – formed a basis of a business that is now an institution in portable building power products. Perhaps considered a “godfather” of the small machinery hire game too, Terry Crommelin is well reputed for allowing the initial rental of equipment in the 1960’s to be rebated against the purchase price if a sale was made. This strategy quickly resulted in establishing 13 branches in Western Australia, making Crommelins Machinery an early hire industry leader.

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The late Terry Crommelin, founder of today’s Crommelins Machinery

The Crommelin Group CEO Kevin Wilson explains the legacy of Terry’s work with pride.

“We have a responsibility to the founder of the business Terry Crommelin to carry on his legacy and continue to support the industry he was so proud to be a founding member of. We must build on the strong foundation of entrepreneurship, innovation and quality products that he left us. We will continue to focus on our high level of customer service, bringing new products to market and providing value for money for our customers.”

Fast forward to the new millenium and the unbeatable Yanmar LN series air-cooled diesel engines from Power Equipment play a vital role in the range of machinery built by Crommelins in Australia.

These include portable generators, pumps, compactors, specialist concrete machines and air compressors to name a few.

Explains Product Technical Manager of Crommelins Machinery Kevin Kitchen: “We are one of the rare companies in Australia that build our own machines, from a combination of imported parts and locally fabricated elements.”

“The Australian market wants their machines to not fall apart, for starters.

“We know what products will work reliably in the rental industry of course and that helps with our understanding of how to build a machine that will last – in any industry.”

With growth continuing in civil construction and mining across Australia and New Zealand, (“particularly in things like larger-scale tunnelling projects,” says Kevin), the safety, reliability and fuel efficiency of the Yanmar LN series of engines has taken the Crommelins product to the next level.

“The machines we produce are varied, so the Yanmar product covers our horsepower needs perfectly,” Kevin said.

“And of course, they are a trusted engine – we send them out and we don’t have any problems with them.”

The L48, L70 and L100 rated models are the most popular within the Crommelins Machinery range.

One of the standout features of the Yanmar LN Series is its air-cooled design, a technological marvel that enhances performance and durability. The elimination of liquid cooling systems on these light-weight diesels not only reduces maintenance complexities (and weight!) but also increases the engines’ adaptability to harsh environments. This innovation is especially crucial in construction and agricultural settings. Incorporating Yanmar’s state-of-the-art direct injection technology, the LN series optimises fuel combustion and delivers exceptional fuel efficiency. This not only reduces operational costs but also positions Yanmar as a frontrunner in eco-conscious engine design.

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Just as the future is demanding cleaner engines though, Kevin is circumspect about other emerging power needs for machines. “While battery-powered products are a growing market, the reality is that they are not going to take over in the immediate future in my view,” he said.

One thing that also isn’t about to change at Crommelins’ 30-odd strong production facility in Western Australia is a commitment to making sure that what leaves their production facility doesn’t just fit their customers’ needs, but works!

“Part of my roles here includes looking at options for customising our machines for certain customers, but day-to-day tasks include quality control and production checks,” Kevin says.

“We don’t just build the machines, we test them too – whether that’s running our compactors down a test ramp or making sure our pumps are performing to specifications”.

That’s a commitment to quality for sure and it’s no wonder Crommelins Machinery and Power Equipment share similar family business values. “Crommelins have a good relationship with Power Equipment and a family business culture – it’s a good place to be.”

Discover more about the Crommelins range of product and services at crommelins.com.au