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Yanmar diesel power shakes up wakesports

Diesel engines for wakesports boats? Not something you see very often, but Yanmar have partnered with Nautique and entered the industry with their powerful diesel engines, creating a new generation of torque-fuelled and wake setting vessels.

As the first of its kind, renowned speed boat manufacturer Nautique & YANMAR have partnered to bring the benefits of diesel propulsion to the rapidly growing recreational wake sports boating segment.

In ongoing effort to continually provide the best products and service to the boating community, a value upheld by both premium brands, Nautique and YANMAR recognized a premium diesel package would prove to be an ideal solution to answer the demanding wake sports niche market needs.

Nautique & YANMAR jointly developed speed control technology for a YANMAR diesel option, allowing the engine to integrate fully and seamlessly with the native Nautique controls.


Yanmar’s 8LV turbo diesel engine is ideally suited to wakesports, providing the power and torque needed to get moving, whilst providing excellent fuel efficiency to keep you out on the water for longer.

  • Twin-turbos deliver high torque for superior acceleration and ultra-responsive control
  • Exceptional power range of 550 to 3,800 rpm enables easy maneuvering and high top-end speed
  • Compact design with an incredible power-to-weight ratio
  • Large-capacity 180-amp alternator providing high-power output
  • Balanced V8 common rail design delivers a super smooth, quiet, clean and fuel-efficient performance