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Cox Marine 350 V8 Diesel Outboards Achieve EPA Tier III Certification

World’s Most Powerful Diesel Outboard Now EPA Certified

Cox Marine is excited to announce that the latest addition to its product line-up, the Cox 350 V8, has successfully achieved EPA Tier III approval for commercial and recreational applications. This 350hp variant of Cox Marine’s V8 diesel outboard architecture represents a significant advancement in marine propulsion technology.

Hammer Yachts HammerCat 35 with twin Cox 350 V8 Diesel Outboards

EPA Certification: A Commitment to Environmental Protection

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is dedicated to safeguarding human health and the environment. Cox Marine’s 350 V8 diesel outboard meets the stringent requirements necessary for EPA Tier III certification, demonstrating compliance with evolving emissions standards. This achievement underscores Cox Marine’s commitment to producing environmentally responsible marine engines.

Gavin Wesson, CEO of Cox Marine, remarked, “Achieving EPA Tier III recognition is a major step forward that gives us the green light to start production and take orders for this highly anticipated engine. The 350 V8 is a game-changer for the marine industry, offering unmatched fuel efficiency, power, safety, and optimal weight. It efficiently powers high-displacement vessels across both recreational and commercial sectors.”

Introduced at the Miami International Boat Show in February, the 350 V8 is the latest addition to Cox Marine’s line-up of high-performance diesel outboards. Built on the robust V8 architecture, it continues the legacy of the company’s ground-breaking 300hp twin turbo V8, launched in 2018.

Adam Gurr, Product Portfolio Director at Cox Marine, added, “The V8 marked the dawn of a new era in outboard technology, offering a unique propulsion solution designed specifically for the marine industry. The 350 V8 showcases the potential of this platform with its advanced capabilities, setting a new standard for marine propulsion.”

Advanced Capabilities and Sustainable Solutions

Achieving EPA Tier III certification is the latest milestone for Cox Marine, demonstrating its commitment to developing sustainable, cutting-edge diesel outboards for demanding marine applications. The 350 V8 diesel outboard offers significant advantages in fuel efficiency, power, and reliability, making it an ideal choice for both commercial and recreational boaters.

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