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Powering the solar revolution with MV Solar & Yanmar

When Australia’s solar revolution started in the early 2000’s, Michael Valantine was already well ahead of the game. It’s no coincidence that the Yanmar range of diesel generators has been embraced by one of Australia’s most experienced and knowledgeable solar power experts.

The founder of MV Solar, Michael has been in and around the solar industry for 37 years and there isn’t much he can’t answer when it comes to connecting your home or business, (whether grid connected or stand-alone), to this now popular type of energy generation. Among other claims to fame, he helped build the solar car that competed in Australia’s World Solar Car Challenge between Darwin and Adelaide in 1993.

On top of years within the electrical and electronics industries, Michael also has 23 years as an electro-technology teacher at TAFE and developed the first New South Wales TAFE courses in renewable energy.

Talking to Power News from Fiji, (where MV solar opened an office in 2014), you can’t help but be impressed with Michael’s application in knowledge to build a successful business – especially considering its humble beginnings.

“We kicked off the business from our kitchen table at our property in Denman in New South Wales in 2010,” Michael said, “and now we have three sites in the Upper Hunter Valley, Denman and Rutherford as well as our Fiji office.”

With around 40-50 per cent of MV Solar’s business coming from delivering stand-alone power systems, good backup generators play an essential role in many of the systems they design and deliver.

“We’re not a ‘one size fits all’ solar company,” explains Michael, “and all of our installations involve as much two-way conversation with the client as possible to fully understand both what their power needs are now and possibly in the future.”

MV Solar has been using Yanmar YH series generators in its installations since 2016 and Michael’s insistence on quality and standing behind his product is key to this preference.

“The Yanmar YH generators are a good size generator and are in fact a very quiet machine,” says Michael. “Because my products have a warranty, I’ve told the customer they have that guarantee and my reputation is behind that – so the suppliers I’ve used must be there when I need them.

“Power Equipment certainly backs their product, but we’ve had very few things actually ever go wrong with the Yanmars!”

One of the other standout features of the YH Series generators is their remarkable fuel efficiency. Equipped with Yanmar’s state-of-the-art direct-injection diesel engines, these generators are designed to maximize energy output while minimizing fuel consumption. This not only translates into substantial cost savings for users but also reduces the carbon footprint, a crucial aspect of sustainable power generation that fits perfectly with MV Solar’s offering to enviromentally-conscious customers.

The YH Series generators come equipped with advanced control systems that allow for easy monitoring and remote operation. Users can track the generator’s performance, schedule maintenance, and troubleshoot issues with precision.

Yanmar’s legacy of producing rugged and durable machinery carries forward to the YH Series too. They are designed to endure the harshest operating conditions and provide unwavering, reliable power over extended lifespans, ensuring a substantial return on investment.

One of the reasons Yanmar YH series generators keep working flawlessly for so long is the fact that they are run by a well-balanced engine. “When the Yanmar is running you can sit a cup of coffee on the cabinet and there is barely a ripple in the liquid!” Michael said.

MV Solar – off-grid reliability above and beyond!

In 2012, MV Solar installed the largest off-grid solar system in Australia at the time.

Built at a farm stay property off the grid, it boasted an impressive 60kW solar array, 4,000AH at 120V battery system with 480kW/h of storge.

In 2015 the company installed a large stand-alone solar array system in Fiji at the Coral View Resort that survived a massive Cyclone Winston the following year.

“We have the only cyclone-proven system in the region as such,” says Michael proudly.

It is easy to see the pride Michael and MV solar have in their product. Compromise is not an option.

“We’ll always work to a customer’s budget, but if they want something cheap that is a compromise, we don’t get involved in that.”

The more you understand the MV Solar philosophy, the easier it is to understand why the Yanmar YH Series are their generator of choice.

Learn more about MV Solar’s services at mvsolar.com.au