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Hardwood Mills Australia introduces Yanmar L100N to its range

Hardwood Mills Australia had never really considered small diesel engines as a viable power source for their application. After incorporating the smooth, unbeatable torque of the Yanmar L100N into one of their portable mill models however, you will be seeing plenty more Yanmars powering these quality lumber-making machines into the future.

“I have to say first that I couldn’t be happier with Power Equipment’s service,” says Geoff Lloyd of Hardwood Mills Australia, recounting his experience with introducing Yanmar air-cooled diesel engines to his mill range.

Hardwood Mills Australia build Australian-designed portable bandsaw mills that are trailerable. The largest model in their range, (the GT40 Ultra) is capable of cutting standard logs up to 6.8 metres long and cuts up to a metre wide.

Geoff introduced the Yanmar L100N air-cooled diesel to his GT34 Deluxe portable bandsaw sawmill model this year and couldn’t be happier with the performance, or the service offered by Power Equipment.

“We had a small technical issue with the first GT34 mill we were putting a Yanmar on, but they, (Power Equipment), immediately sent someone to help us out,” Geoff said, “and they really know their product and sorted out the issue straight away.”

Hardwood Mills Australia prides its product as the only Australian company with a portable bandsaw saw mill that can reliably cut all types of Australian hardwood. Aussie hardwood is renowned as some of the hardest to cut in the world!

“We always thought that diesels run too rough, are overly noisy and just weren’t suitable for portable mills,” explained Geoff.

“That’s absolutely not the case with the Yanmar – it runs very smoothly and as it turns out the decibel rating is actually better than most petrol engines.”

Smooth running power is essential in milling equipment of the kind built by Hardwood Mills Australia to deliver even, level cuts through logs. “If you don’t have a smooth-running engine, you risk uneven cuts,” Geoff said. After running the L100N for its first few test cuts, Geoff was equally impressed with the torque delivered by this direct-injection champion of Yanmar’s industrial engine range.

“You just can’t beat the torque these Yanmars deliver – the cutting doesn’t even look like making the engine work too hard. It’s got heaps!”

The GT34 can mill a 4.9metre board, deliver a cutting depth of 18inches (457mm) and handle 34inch (865mm) log diameters.

Like his own product, Geoff loves the finish of the Yanmar L100N too; “The build quality of the Yanmar is really beyond anything else on the market and I really like that,” he said. With the orders stacking up for Hardwood Mills Australia portable bandsaw mills in recent months, there will no doubt be many more Yanmars on these useful Australian-designed mills with happy saw millers using them for many years to come! Learn more about Hardwood Mills’ portable saws at hardwoodmills.com.au