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Cox V8 Diesel Outboard Powers the Tough as Nails Herley Elite 8

Scott Dobeli’s Herley Elite 8: A Standout at Manly Boat Harbour

Herley Elite 8 boat in the marina powered by Cox V8 300 Diesel Outboard

Scott Dobeli opted for the new Cox 300 V8 diesel outboard on his magnificent Herley Elite 8. Looking forward to exploring the many options of South East Queensland waterways like Moreton Bay, Fraser Island and beyond, this looks like the ultimate package for safe and comfortable exploring, fishing and more!

Scott Dobeli’s Herley Elite 8 stands out at the Manly Boat Harbour in Brisbane’s eastern suburbs, and not just for its fine New Zealand boat building lines.

There is something new on the back of this fine crafting of plate aluminium that has heads turning in marinas and boat clubs in the shape of a Cox 300hp V8 diesel outboard.

The Herley Elite 8 and Cox 300 V8: A Perfect Match

Herley Boats – in their own words – build the Herley Elite 8 “like small ships” and they are a formidable-looking vessel from any angle. 

Add the Cox 300 V8 diesel to the transom and you’ve got the equivalent of muscle on muscle! 

Scott may not have set out to commandeer one of the best-looking combinations in the boat harbour, but he’s certainly done it.

Why Choose the Cox 300 V8 Diesel Outboard?

“There’s a couple of reasons I bought the Cox,” Scott explained to Power News while giving us a walk-through of the vessel at its mooring.

“I much prefer the idea of 300 litres of diesel under the floor than petrol,” he said, “and we want to do a bit of exploring so the range will be good too.”

“The other reason I liked the Cox 300 was that I think they look cool, and I wanted one!”

The Cox 300 V8 outboard certainly cuts an impressively unique look in the outboard market and combines nicely on the back of Scott’s Herley.

Smooth looks are only the beginning for these high-performance outboards however.

The Cox range offers fuel savings in the order of 30 per cent and punch out torque up to 1,052Nm. Those two figures alone on a hefty rig like the Herley Elite 8 already add up to a smarter outboard.

Scott has tested a few propeller options to date and the Cox can easily spin a 15.8 inch four bladed 20-inch pitch. With final sea trials yet to be completed, there is every indication the Cox could be swinging an even more aggressive prop regime, depending on load and performance requirements.

But that’s just the beginning.

Benefits of the Cox V8 Diesel Outboard for Commercial and Recreational Users

The Cox range is aimed at both commercial and recreational users and is expected to deliver three times the life of most petrol equivalents on the market.

They are a cleaner burning outboard, (with 20-35 per cent less CO2 produced compared to equivalent petrol outboards), and offer a range advantage that is simply impossible to match in the petrol market.

The Cox also quickly gets to its full 3,700-4,000rpm under load.

A quick run into Moreton Bay aboard Scott’s Herley Elite 8 was proof enough of this.

These are a 3.4tonne (dry weight) hull, but an application of ergonomically crafted throttle up towards the 3,000rpm has the boat in the 26knot range in no time.

Cox set out to create more than just a powerful, efficient diesel outboard however.

The company created the Coxswain™ app in conjunction with the launch of the outboard. This powerful new engine management application enables Cox customers to access after-sales support for their Cox diesel outboards, at the touch of a button.

Customers can access everything they need to know about their Cox powered vessels, 24/7 through the app on their phone or desktop.

For those who like to know more about where all the horsepower and torque comes from on a Cox though, here’s some numbers to wet your appetite for this exciting outboard option available through Power Equipment.

The Cox V8 300 Diesel Outboard at a glance:​

  • The Cox 300 is a V8, 4.4 litre diesel with twin turbochargers.
  • Twin-turbocharging ensures significantly more torque across lower RPM and allows it to maintain good torque across all engine speeds.
  • The outboard weighs in at 393kg and has a vertical crankshaft design, allowing for direct drive of the transmission.
  • The entire Cox platform was designed from scratch and includes an in-house designed power trim and tilt (PTT) bracket built to withstand the toughest sea conditions that could be thrown at it.
  • Electronic controls and steering make user operation a breeze, while some very clever thinking in the outboard’s power system like self-resetting fuses take this outboard well and truly into next-generation thinking on the water.

Find out more on the Cox 300 here or contact us for more information.