Yanamr Powers Advanced Technology Vacuum Excavator

The Goulburn based company Vacvator, manufactures a range of vacuum hydro excavation equipment. Vacvator has put their faith completely in the hands of Yanmar diesel engines, having switched to Yanmar as their exclusive engine of choice.

Vacvator specifies the Yanmar TNV series of engines for use on their units, either the 3TNV or 4TNV depending upon the application.

Vacvator manufactures a complete range of vacuum excavation equipment.  These are designed for use in potholing (a practice of digging test hole to expose underground services), drilling processes, civil construction projects and spill clean ups.

The fundamental process of the Vacvator comprises a high pressure water pump which blasts a jet of water at 2500 psi via a turbo nozzle.   Simultaneously, an air pump sucks up the water and residual matter into a 100mm diameter hose which dumps the spoil into a tank for disposal.   Anything that will run up the 100 mm hose can be collected by the Vacvator.  The Vacvator system is engineered so that the blasting and vacuum processes can operate together or independently of each other.   And the system can be either trailer mounted or tray mounted on a flat bed truck.

Each Vacvator system is purpose built to suit the application.   The variables include the size of the collection tank, the air pump, water pump and of course the Yanmar diesel engine.   The air pump which generates the vacuum to suck up loose material is available in six different models from 750 cfm to 2800 cfm capacity.

The Vacvator model which is the most common system has a 750 cfm air pump and a Yanmar 3TNV diesel engine.   In this configuration the air compressor requires about 40 hp to drive it and the water pump needs 20 hp.
Vavcator 2
The Yanmar 3TNV82A is the engine specified for this application.  This model Yanmar is renowned for its low noise and low vibration, easy starts and fuel efficiency.

In operation, the Yanmar drives both the air pump and water pump simultaneously via a conventional belt drive set up.  There is no clutch in the drive system, just a power take off drive plate supplied with the Yanmar engine.  The system also includes an Engine Protection System supplied by Power Equipment specifically for Yanmar industrial engines.

Typically Vacvator units in a civil construction or drilling situation will operate fully loaded at 2800 rpm for up to 16 hours a day.  This places heavy demands on the drive system, especially the Yanmar engine.  According to Denis Walker at Vacvator, the switch to Yanmar diesel engines  has come about because of the quality of the Yanmar brand and factory support.

“While I had an awareness of the Yanmar brand, it wasn’t until I looked closely at the product that I realised it was a high quality Japanese engine, manufactured in very large numbers,” Denis Walker said.
Vavcator 1
“Our customers are very comfortable using Yanmar power on their machines.  Now that we have been using Yanmar for our most recent systems, I am totally won over by the brand.”

“The Yanmar engines are quiet, have low vibration and the range of engines is exactly what we need for our applications.”

“At Vacvator we strive to build the best equipment using the best components.    I believe that Vacvator is the best product of its type in the world, and the Yanmar engines that we use only serve to enhance this position further.”

“But just as important as the product itself is the support that we receive from Power Equipment, the Yanmar distributor.  It is first rate!  The advice and support that we get from John Mason at Power Equipment makes a real difference for the better.”

Denis Walker has computed that while a petrol engine may be cheaper to purchase, the high engine hours logged soon make the Yanmar diesel engine a more affordable choice through the significant fuel savings.

Vacvator is a division of UEA Pty Ltd, a directional drilling company.  UEA is a privately-owned Australian business.