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How the Smartgyro SG20 Marine Stabilizer Transformed the Diamond 50 Exclusive Vessel

A Diamond 50 Exclusive vessel named Jade, was recently fitted with the Smartgyro SG20 marine stabilizer. Now equipped with this cutting-edge technology, Jade’s passengers are set to experience unmatched comfort and stability, with one of the best marine stabilizers!

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Introduction – Why choose a marine stabilizer for your boat?

The owner of the Diamond 50 vessel, Jade, sought marine stabilization options for their boat ahead of planned voyages. As a seasoned sailor and former captain of an inland commercial cargo vessel, the owner wanted his wife to fully enjoy their boating experiences without the discomfort of boat roll. Requiring a stable and safe experience, they opted for the recommended SG20.

The Challenge – Addressing marine stabilization issues

The installation required a complete assessment of the vessel to determine the best location for the SG20. The team decided on the lazarette of the Diamond 50, ensuring minimal impact on the accommodation space.

Jade, a 2010 Diamond 50 exclusive motorboat, is 14.98 meters long with a max draft of 1.24m. The vessel was prepared, dried, and levelled out before the installation commenced. The mechanical and electrical parts of the installation proceeded smoothly. A steel frame was installed on the starboard stern to house the SG20 unit. This frame was custom-made, cut, and welded to fit the vessel. Additional components such as cooling elements, the control panel, and cabling were also installed.

The steel frame was bespoke to this application, with a specialist calculating the required strength and designing the specifications.

The Solution – Efficient installation of the Smartgyro SG20

Smartgyro provided ongoing support throughout the installation process. The modular design of the system ensured a simple and efficient installation.

“Smartgyro’s years of experience and craftsmanship were fully appreciated for this installation. We chose to work with Smartgyro because of the high-performance levels demonstrated across their product range which surpass many other stabilization options,” said the Engineer.

The Smartgyro SG20 is water-cooled and operates within a vacuum, reducing power consumption and providing a more efficient and environmentally friendly option.

The Result – Enhanced boating experience with the Smartgyro SG20 boat stabilizer

Jade’s owner was very happy with the installation and service. The first trip out after the installation was very positive, with the owner extremely satisfied with the levels of stabilization achieved.

“Stabilization was perfect on our first trip with the SG20. We’re really pleased with its performance and are looking forward to many more enjoyable trips and time on the water thanks to Smartgyro.”

The owner also noticed the surprisingly quiet operation of the SG20, which added to the overall positive experience with the Smartgyro installation on this private leisure craft.

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