Torqeedo: Technology

Torqeedo: The Technology



Superior Drive Train Engineering

Superior propulsive power and overall efficiency don’t just appear out of thin air.

They are derived from focused development, the use of the latest technology, and from the uncompromising and systematic optimisation of all drive components. And they are the result of carefully matching each of the components.

Torqeedo Drive Trains feature: Torqeedo Electric Motors are:
  • Brushless External Rotor Motors with Rare-earth Magnets
  • Tailor Made Power Electronics
  • Planetary Gears from the tooling industry
  • Propeller design from Commercial Shipbuilding
  1. Always a synchronising motor
  2. Are always electronically commutated motors with tailor made power electronics
  3. Are always permanent-magnet excited motors
  4. Are typically external rotor motors
  5. Are typically radial flux motors


Superior Battery Technology

Lithium-based batteries are the technology of choice for electric mobility applications.

  • They store significantly more energy than all other batteries.
  • They maintain a high current, which is a major advantage for electric drive systems.
  • They do not lose their charging capacity.
  • They supply power reliably even in the cold, with no memory effect.
  • They also provide many more cycles than lead-based batteries.

Torqeedo has been a pioneer in the development of lithium batteries for boat applications for more than nine years. As they make their batteries just a little bit better each year, they offer one of the most comprehensive and integrated protection and safety concept for lithium batteries on the market.

Waterproof Data Cable Connectors
Whether connected or unplugged, all plug connectors are completely waterproof to IP67. Contacts are gold-plated, protecting against corrosion.
Waterproof Housing to IP67
Although battery submersion should generally be avoided, all Torqeedo batteries are without exception completely waterproof. They can withstand – in accordance with the definition of the IP67 standard – immersion at a depth of 1 m for at least 30 minutes without suffering any damage. The waterproof characteristics of each battery are individually tested in production prior to delivery.
Battery Management System (BMS) with Redundant Safety Features
  • All Torqeedo batteries are equipped with an integrated BMS. The BMS protects against overcharging, overcurrent, excess voltage, deep discharge, short-circuit, and overheating etc.
  • The BMS used in Torqeedo batteries is designed completely in accordance with the principle of single-error safety and therefore has redundant safety features. Each safety-relevant component is duplicated with a backup component in case should it fail.
  • In addition to these safety features, the BMS provides additional detailed information about the state of the battery. The BMS also protects the batteries’ life expectancy with balancing and deep-sleep functionality.
  • Since the batteries can be switched on and off, they can be transported and installed safely, and can be protected against unintended discharge.
LiNMC Safety Cells Made in Japan
With high capacity and extreme power, the three hardware safety mechanisms are integrated into each cell. Torqeedo only uses cells based sourced from the most reputable manufacturers with the generally acknowledged highest quality standards.
Water Sensor
If battery poles are under current when submerged, significant electrolysis will take place in saltwater. That is some 10,000 times faster than normal galvanic corrosion, which rapidly degrades the contacts and creates dangerous electrolytic gas. The integrated water sensor detects when a battery is submerged. In this case the battery switches off automatically, preventing electrolytic corrosion and the development of electrolytic gas.
Waterproof Pressure-equalising Membrane
Compensates differences in atmospheric pressure without impairing waterproof qualities.


Lithium Battery Safety

Aside from performance, safety plays an important role for lithium batteries. Five influencing factors need to be considered in order to ensure that safe really means safe:

  • Safe Battery Chemical Engineering. Since 2005 Torqeedo batteries have all used safe battery chemicals such as LiFePo or LiNMC
  • Safe, Individual Cell Packaging: Torqeedo only uses so-called safety cells (welded steel cylinders), each of which is equipped with multiple hardware safety mechanisms
  • Clean, Precision Production Processes on the Part of the Cell Manufacturers. The production process has a significant influence on the safety level of a lithium battery. This is why Torqeedo only uses cells that are sourced from the most reputable manufacturers in Japan and the USA.
  • Battery Management System (BMS) with Redundant Safety Features. Unlike lead-based batteries, lithium batteries always need a BMS to perform balancing and safety functions. If electronic components of the BMS fail, it can itself become a safety problem for the battery. For this reason, Torqeedo batteries are designed so that a hardware fail-safe mechanism exists for each safety related component. Incidentally, this is also stipulated in the automotive industry, in aerospace and for medical technology.
  • Waterproof to IP67: Water in lithium batteries can lead to various problems such as corrosion of the BMS hardware or the creation of electrolytic gas. Lithium batteries on board a boat should therefore always be waterproof.


Superior Propeller Technology

Pitch and camber are optimised on the basis of a vortex grid calculation and a stepwise optimisation over many thousand iterations for each propeller segment. The different design possibilities that result lead to additional speed induced by the propeller at maximum efficiency. As a result, these types of propeller are called variable pitch variable camber (VPVC) propellers, because the propeller pitch as well as the propeller camber are optimised in accordance with the radial flow conditions. VPVC propellers are a Torqeedo patent.



Switches & Connectors

The only real source of danger in an electric circuit carrying less than 60 volts are faulty contacts. These can cause localised overheating and the risk of fire. Possible short-circuit currents also pose a danger in this context since they can cause irreversible damage to a battery. This is why when assembling an electrical motor, it is not recommended that you use soldering irons and pole tip pliers. The preferable option is to use pre-assembled cable sets that, aside from the main switch, should also have an additional short-circuit fuse.

Torqeedo places great importance on careful material selection and uncompromising quality for all our cable connections, switches, plugs and fuses. This ensures minimum power loss and maximum standards of safety.

Torqeedo offer pre-assembled cable sets with main switch, fuse and cable bridges connecting two 12 V batteries in series for our Cruise products. The cable sets are pre-assembled and are fitted with high-voltage connectors for easy mounting.

Every one of our outboards (with the exception of the DEEP BLUE high-voltage propulsion systems) can be safely mounted with the help of the appropriate cable set and a simple wrench in a matter of minutes.