Torqeedo: The Technology: Convenience

Torqeedo: The Technology

Superior Convenience

Performance is best when it is combined with convenience. Torqeedo has designed convenience into each of their electrical drive systems–all system information is available in digital form and can be easily made available to you, the user.

Motors and batteries can be switched off, simply at the touch of a button.

Both individual components and entire systems can be designed completely waterproof.

And all products are easy and clean to handle and transport.

On-off switch:
It couldn’t be easier – Switch the motor on and off at the touch of a button. The battery will automatically switch into hibernate mode after long periods of use in order to preserve the battery charge for as long as possible.
Waterproof emergency kill switch:
The kill switch stops the motor immediately when pulled off. As it is actuated magnetically, activating the sensor contact-free with no water seepage problems.
Waterproof connections:
When using the tiller throttle, control information is transmitted magnetically to a sensor in the control box, making it unnecessary to drill any holes.
Information display:
torqeedo-info-displayProvides information from the on-board computer (including remaining range in miles or kilometres) in real time. The on-board computer also provides information on battery charge status, current speed over ground, as well as input power. And if all this is not enough, you can upgrade the on-board computer with TorqTrac.
Audible alarm:
Much like the one in your car. The on-board computer very explicitly warns you when the power supply is on reserve. It will inform you when it’s time to head for the shore or reduce speed to increase range.
Integrated GPS:
The integrated GPS is an element of the battery electronics. GPS data are made available to the information system of the outboard. Current speed is an important input variable for calculating the remaining range, keeping you informed at all times about how far you can still travel.
Battery information:
You will have access to all of the battery information from how much charge is left, its temperature, the amount of current it is delivering. The battery management system knows it all, providing insight to you and to the other components of the system.
Combined charging/power socket:
The charging socket allows the battery to be charged, using the charger that comes with the battery, or direct from the 12 V on-board power supply using the practical 12 V adapter, or from the practical foldable Sunfold 37 solar panel. Solar charging works during your journey as well, of course.  Your Torqeedo battery now also comes with a USB adapter that you can use to charge your smartphone or tablet or to power a lamp for small boats. It’s just a minor feature but it does increase convenience and safety on small boats in particular.



This is the upgrade of your on-board computer. TorqTrac uses Bluetooth to transmit information from the data bus of your Torqeedo motor to your smartphone, where it’s not just clearly displayed, but merged with map information from Google Maps. This enables you to see in real time just how far you can still travel. You are also able to enter waypoints and view your expected time of arrival to your destination.

Lightweight Design and Practical Accessories

Sometimes convenience also means the absence of something, such as reducing redundant and unnecessary weight. As such, when developing Torqeedo products, there is also a strong focus on cutting weight – through lightweight, high-tech motors, batteries and materials, as well as through a design that takes weight reduction seriously.

Practical accessories like carry bags make life even more convenient.