Pod Drives


Inconspicuous yet powerful, the new Cruise pod models offer high-tech propulsion in the 5 to 20 HP performance class. Suitable for motorboats or sailboats up to 10 tons.

Pod drives are gaining popularity: They are fitted inconspicuously below water and save space.

On-board computer with GPS
Operates with lithium or AGM/lead-gel batteries
Folding propeller - Low drag while under sail. Powerful propulsion while motoring.
High level of corrosion protection – even in sea water

Cruise Pod Drives for Motorboats and Sailboats

The Cruise FP models are installed in a fixed position (therefore the abbreviation FP – fixed pod) as generally desired for sailboats and also for some motorboats. The pod motors for sailboats are available with folding propellers. Other boats would choose our standard, highly efficient propellers. Choose from performance classes from 2 to 10 kW, which correspond to the propulsive power of 5 to 20 HP combustion engines.