Hybrid Drives


Deep Blue Hybrid

For sailboats between 40 and 80 feet and for commercially operated hybrid vessels

Hybrid drive and complete power management on board – everything from a single integrated system

Luxury meets sustainability: the Deep Blue Hybrid is the first fully integrated system on the market that combines a hybrid drive system with the entire on-board energy management.

  • Relaxation: no noise from the motor and only a little noise from the generator
  • Environmental protection: use renewable forms of energy
  • Independence: adequate energy on board, less need to head for a marina
  • Convenience: simple joystick docking
  • Simplicity: only one type of fuel – and less of it required



Deep Blue 80i with Two High-voltage Batteries
Speed in km/h (knots) Range in km (nm) Running time in hours: minutes
Slow 7.5 (4.0) 40-120 (22-65) 05:20 – 16:00
Full throttle 36-54 (19-29) 18-27 (10-15) 00:30

Note: Speed and Range are indicative only. Actual results may vary depending on hull design/configuration and on-water conditions.

Deep Blue 40i with One Battery
Speed in km/h (knots) Range in km (nm) Running time in hours: minutes
Slow 7.5 (4.0) 37-60 (20-32) 05:00 – 08:00
Full throttle 32-44 (17-24) 16-22 (9-12) 00:30

Note: Speed and Range are indicative only. Actual results may vary depending on hull design/configuration and on-water conditions.


Deep Blue System

Professional Safety

The prerequisites for powerful electric drive systems are safety and industrial-level production. In order to meet these recognised production and safety standards, high-voltage drive systems must be jointly developed by experts from different fields of technology, which requires effort lasting several years.

Torqeedo’s pioneering development of the Deep Blue system has set new safety standards for high-voltage electrical drives on boats.

The model for this was provided by safety concepts that are already established in other industries – such as for high-voltage machinery or cars. However, it is not enough for a safety concept for high-voltage boat drives just to copy established concepts from advanced industries. We had to define and develop our own standards of safety in order to meet the many different particular requirements of the marine industry. Just as we did for Deep Blue.


Hybrid Drive System

Powerful and silent electric drive systems allow manoeuvring and sailing at hull speed.

High-performance battery banks from the car industry allow prolonged cruising for up to 50 nautical miles and more without having to use a generator. Solar power generated on board and energy produced through hydro-generation (propeller rotates while boat is under sail) are available for propulsion.

Besides this, the integrated generator provides sufficient energy to cover long distances when necessary.

The slowly rotating electric drives allow precise manoeuvring and in combination with joystick docking make an easy job of putting out to sea and berthing.

Integrated Energy Management

The integrated management system of Deep Blue Hybrid makes it possible to use available power in any way you wish – for the powerful high-voltage drive system, for the 24 V on-board power supply or to operate equipment with 230 V AC current. Deep Blue Hybrid is designed in such a way that energy is always available where it’s needed.

The combination of energy generated from renewable sources and by the generator means that there is always sufficient power available. However, the generator does not need to run for as long.

It is no longer necessary to have propane or petrol on board with the clean and safe electricity used for all equipment. A tender can also be run electrically and can be charged from the Deep Blue Hybrid on-board power system.

System Overview of the Hybrid Drive System


  1. High-voltage electric drives: available in inboard or outboard versions and as saildrive, 98% efficiency level
  2. High-voltage battery system: combination of waterproof lithium-ion cells further developed for marine applications. With battery management and safety technology to automotive standards.
  3. 12 V batteries: system power supply for starting up the high-voltage battery system and the diesel generator. The Deep Blue system manages these batteries autonomously.
  4. High-voltage diesel generator: recharges the battery system automatically following the pre-set power profile. Power source for diesel-electric journeys with a greater range without loss of performance.
  5. Onshore power chargers: for charging the system from the AC mains supply in port.
  6. Drive connection box: the heart of the drive management system. This is where all the connections and system management functions for the drive train are concentrated.
  7. Onshore power connection: for charging with commercially available connecting cables in port
  8. System connection box: this is where the connections and system management functions are linked together to form a complete system and where other (convenience) functions for larger boats and yachts are integrated.
  9. AC inverter: provides independence from power conditions on land. Voltage and frequency can be freely configured. Maximum convenience thanks to high performance.
  10. Isolated AC power system (120/240 V AC current, 50/60 Hz): equipment and power sockets are connected via an AC power distributor.
  11. Bi-directional on-board power system converter: connects the 24 V DC power system with the battery system, allowing the free transfer of power.
  12. 24 V on-board power system distributor: connects the 24 V DC on-board power system to the central system. Allows various classes of device to be connected on board. Differentiates between peak loads, general loads and safety-relevant loads.
  13. 24 V on-board batteries: act as a buffer and redundant power store for the entire on-board electrical system.
  14.  Solar charge controller: converts power generated by photovoltaic into the right voltage for the on-board power system. Highly efficient thanks to MMP tracking.
  15. Photovoltaic modules: generate solar energy as additional power for the system
  16. 24 V on-board system connection: for different classes of device on board, depending on individual requirements.
  17. Remote throttle: controls the performance of the electric motors. The twin remote throttle allows individual control of two drive trains. The active throttle is selected conveniently via “station select”.
  18. Deep Blue Hybrid information system: allows the flexible management and modification of parameters controlling the usage patterns of the system. User interface available for various standard displays and iOS devices.


Technical Data Overview

Motor Types
Inboard (Shafting)


Motor performance Deep Blue 40 Twin Deep Blue 40 Deep Blue 80 Twin Deep Blue 80
Output (peak) 33 kW 65 kW 65 kW 130 kW
Output (continuous) 27 kW 55 kW 55 kW 110 kW
Weight (including motor electronics) 88 kg 176 kg 88 kg 176 kg


Generators 20 kW
Output (peak) 25 kW
Output (continuous) 20 kW
Weight (including housing) 275 kg


Batteries Deep Blue High-voltage Battery Power 26-104 (24 V on-board power supply)
Battery type Li-ion Li-ion
Capacity 12.8 kWh 2.7 kWh
Voltage 345 V 26 V
Charge 40 Ah 104 Ah
Weight 147 kg 24 kg
Parallel connection possible Yes, up to 16 batteries per drive Yes, up to 16 batteries per battery bank

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