JH5/4T Series Saildrive 39-75mhp

Sailing Engines

All Yanmar Saildrive feature patented double – seal safety technology with audio warning device.  Saildrive help to eliminate shaft vibrations, unnecessary noise, alignment and space problems, thanks to their direct power-to-prop configuration.  Boat balance, manoeuvrability and thrust are improved.

  • Inner and outer seals with Water Sensor
  • Whisper quiet and low vibration
  • Simple and user – friendly
  • Straightforward to maintain

Engine Model

  • 3JH5E    39mhp @ 3000rpm
  • 4JH5E    53mhp @ 3000rpm
  • 4JH4-TE  75mhp @ 3200rpm

Gear Option

  • SD60  Ratio 2.32 (option 2.49)

Smart escape from conventional drive problems

More and more boat owners are turning to Saildrive power as the smart way to best the problems of conventional stern tube shaft drives. The beautiful simplicity of this compact drive systems makes it the sensible choice for numerous types of boats. Not only is reliability a big element in these designs but also is stability, as they eliminate shaft vibrations, noise, alignment and stuffing box problems.

The logical power-to-prop direct drive combines all the advantages of the outdrive-inboard systems and has now been well accepted in boating circles.

The Saildrive has been found to improve boat balance, give moremanoeuvrability and better thrust. Drive by the famous Yanmar diesels, these Saildrives put a lot of dependable power in the right place in a boat.

Easily installed with a toughened, thru-hull fitting the new SD60 drive unit smoothly takes the rugged power of the JH diesels, which are now expanded up to 75hp.






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