JH3/4(T) Series Shaftdrive 75-125mhp

Sailing Engines

Compact mid-range marine power plants
The new 4JH4-TE(Turbo), the 4JH4-HTE(intercooler-turbo) and the 4JH3-DTE(hi-power intercooler turbo), create a family of three lightweight, user-friendly, clean, thrifty and reliable marine diesels.
  • Powerful & Lightweight
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Compact Dimensions
  • Low Emission, Low Noise and Low Vibration
  • Easy
  • installation

Engine Model

  • 4JH4-TE    75mhp @ 3200rpm
  • 4JH4-HTE  110mhp @ 3200rpm
  • 4JH3-DTE  125mhp @ 3800rpm

Gear Option

4JH4-TE  and 4JH4-HTE

  • ZF30M  Ratio 2.15 / 2.70
  • KM4A-2 (Down Angle 7°)  Ratio 2.14 / 2.63
  • ZF25A (Down Angle 8°)  Ratio 2.00 / 2.48


  • KMH4A (Down Angle 8°)  Ratio 2.04 / 2.45
  • ZF25A ( Down Angle 8°) Ratio 2.00 / 2.48

Lightweight Compact design iron block and head feature close space cylinders to save space and weight. Extensive use of aluminium alloys in oil pan, covers, and in many parts make for good weight savings.

User friendly

Sophisticated engine mounts, a range of velvet smooth transmissions, micron-precision fuel system components, close attention to bearing tolerances and accurate balance of moving parts make for low-noise, low vibration, low emission, low downtime and easy-to-live-with engines.


Inlet swirl design improves fuel-air mix, extra high pressure fuel injection system with micron-precision injectors and close attention to coolant flow minimizes hot and cool spots – these are just some of the ways Yanmar improves combustion efficiency.


Diesels are synonymous with fuel economy. But being a Yanmar also means that long years of experience in building some of the world’s most efficient diesel, also the extensive input from our large and ultra-modern research facilities have been incorporated into every new Yanmar engine.


Long, trouble-free engine life is a common reason for choosing Yanmar. Worldwide parts backup and quick response times make for minimum downtime. These engines are again and again the favoured choice of bluewater yachtsman and boat owners the world over.