LHA Series Shaftdrive 160 – 240mhp

Power Boat Engines

YANMAR LHA Series 160 – 240mhp

The best engine in its class just got better. The high power configuration comfortably allows the 4LHA to stand world class in all three main areas of comparison namely:

  • power-to-weight ratio
  • power-to-displacement ratio
  • power for a given set of engine dimensions

The 4LHA is designed for use with a variety of marine gearboxes, including straight, angled and vee-drive, Kanzaki and ZF-Hurth units. Turbocharger has a waste-gate boost compensator which improves acceleration (4LHA-STP)

Engine Model

  • 4LHA-HTP 160mhp @ 3300rpm
  • 4LHA-DTP 200mhp @ 3300rpm
  • 4LHA-STP 240mph @ 3300rpm

Gear Model

  • KMH50A (Down Angle 8°) Ratio 1.67 / 2.13 / 2.43
  • KMH50V (V Drive) Ratio 1.58 / 2.08 / 2.47

Environmentally engineered

This engine shares all the benefits of Yanmar’s commitment to protecting the environment in which we live. Features such as:

  • low noise, low vibration, highly economical use of fuel
  • low smoke, especially when accelerating or idling

Vibration has been kept at a low level due to the use of special steels in the block and other critical areas.Wide range of applications. Being substantially slimmer configuration means easy installation, even in tight locations. Repowering in most instances is straight-forward; the total package being slimmer, shorter and less bulky than previous models.



  • Flexible engine mount, 4 pcs/set

Cooling System

  • Exhaust water mixing elbow, L-type
  • Air venting device for cooling water tank (for V-drive)

Starting and Stopping

  • Electric engine stop solenoid

Electrical and Instrumentation

  • New C-type instrument panel
  • Meter sensor assy for New B & C-type panel
  • Extension wireharness (6m)



  • Engine foot for marine gear (ZF-Hurth ZF63A1 & H1, ZF45A2 & H2)
  • C.W. hose for marine gear (ZF-Hurth ZF63A1 & H1, ZF45A2 & H2)
  • Lube oil cooler and clamp bolts for marine gear


  • Exhaust water mixing elbow, Riser type
  • Kingston cock and cooling water hose 2m
  • Sea water strainer


  • Lube oil evacuation pump
  • Lube oil dipstick for opposite side of engine

Starting and Stopping

  • Cold starting aid (Air heater)

Electrical and Instrumentation

  • Alternator, 12V-80A
  • Electric type bilge pump, 12V
  • New B-type instrument panel
  • New D-type instrument panel
  • Boost meter sensor assy for New D-type panel
  • Meter sensor assy for dual instrument panel
    (New C+C or C+D type)
  • Connecting wireharness for dual instrument panel


  • Side-mount type single control head (MORSE:MV)
  • Top-mount type single control head (MORSE:MT3)


  • Fuel water separator
  • V pulley for front PTO
  • Spare parts kit