JHY Series 35mhp

Commercial Engines

Yanmar JHY Series Marine Diesel Engine (35mhp)

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Superior Performance
  • Compact & Easy Maintenance
  • Low vibration
  • Excellent Durability and Reliablity
  • ArrorDirect injection and turbo charger

Yanmar’s advanced technologies produce a 78mm cylinder, direct injection engine. On top of that, fuel costs are hugely reduced by the high combustion efficiency. Save 15 – 20% more fuel than with the pre-combustion chamber models of the past.

ArrorLow profile

Computer analysis has been used to achieve an extraordinary low line profile. Suitability for installations in compact engine rooms gives new flexibility in boat design.


(L χ W χ H)= 916 χ 545 χ 659 with YX-10

ArrorNew-type clutch

The new high performance YX Series clutch gives smooth and quiet changing between forward, neutral and reverse. The fish won’t escape during gear changes, the response is immediate and there is virtually no shock whatsoever.

ArrorTrolling devices as standard

The propeller can be adjusted to low speeds, without altering the speed of the engine, making precise navigation or fixed point sailing easy. Also low fear of wear or overheating during long trolling operation.

ArrorEasy checks and maintenance

The lubrication oil and fuel filters, fuel caps, dipstick, drain ports and fuel feed pump are all located on the operation side for simple checks and maintenance. And since there is no corrodable zinc, there is no need for troublesome replacements.


♣ = in pack

Fuel Oil

  • F.O. Filter
  • Water Separator ♣
  • F.O. Feed Pump
  • F.O. Tube with Clamp ♣


  • Evacuation Pump ♣
  • L.O. Pressure Switch
  • L.O.Filter


  • Sea Water Pump
  • Fresh Water Pump
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Fresh Water Sub-tank ♣
  • Thermostat (for fresh water)
  • Kingston Cock with C.W. Hose and Strainer ♣

Air Intake and Exhaust

  • Intake Silencer ♣
  • Exhaust Manifold (Water Cooled)
  • Breather Pipe ♣


  • Electric Starting
  • Alternator

Instrument Panel

  • Instrument Panel (B-Type) ♣
  • Battery Switch ♣
  • Extension Wire ♣

Control Device

  • Stop Wire


  • Tool ♣
  • Spare Parts A ♣
  • Operation Manual ♣
  • Arror



  • Sea Water Filter ♣


  • Bilge Pump with Hose and Strainer ♣

Air Intake and Exhaust

  • Exhaust Flexible Joint ♣
  • Mixing Elbow
  • Exhaust Silencer
  • Exhaust Pipe ♣

Control Device

  • Remote Control Head ♣
  • Push-Pull Cable ♣
  • Motor Stop Assembly ♣


  • Half Coupling (rough bore type) ♣
  • Mounting Plate and Shim ♣
  • Foundation Bolt ♣


  • Special Tool ♣
  • Spare Parts B (for limited market) ♣
  • Packing Kit ♣

Instrument panel

Switch Unit

  • Alarm buzzer stop switch
  • Illumination switch
  • Alarm buzzer
  • Engine stop switch
  • Starter switch

Alarm Lamp Unit

  • Battery not charging
  • C.W. high temp
  • L.O. low pressure
  • C.W. Level
  • L.O. filter clogged
  • Clutch oil pressure

Tachometer Unit

  • Tachometer with hour meter