6CXB Series 360mhp – 509mhp

Commercial Engines

Yanmar CXB Series Marine Diesel Engine (360 – 509mhp)
New Generation Workboat Power By YANMAR

Powerful and Friendly to People and Environment!

  • High Power
  • Fuel economy & Low Emissions
  • Excellent Durability and Reliablity
  • Easy Maintenance

Eco Diesel Solutions by Yanmar allows IMO Tier 2 compliance with no electronic governor controls

Flexible rating + Strong Performance

  • 509mhp (374kW)@ 2700rpm in the S operating mode
  • 464mhp (341kW)@ 2700rpm in the L operating mode
  • 400mhp (294kW)@ 2500rpm in the M operating mode
  • 360mhp (265kW)@ 2400rpm in the H operating mode

This 130mm long stroker 7.4liter class diesel, with big breathing valves for better airflow, the high performance turbo for compactness, less turbo lag, and better mixing at low revs, the all-new high efficiency intercooler for cooler, more compact air charging, and the numerous other performance features deliver power in large amounts over a wide operating range, especially under high load conditions.

Good Fuel Economy together with lower Emissions

The micro-sized multiple holes in the all-new injectors produce an even finer fuel-oil mist and, combined with new perfectly matched combustion chambers and new cylinder head shapes, produce even more power. it is power delivered smoothly, due to optimum combustion conditions being maintained across a far wider operation range. And it leads directly to the bonus of lower exhaust emissions and lower fuel consumption. The boost compensator dramatically reduces black smoke under hard acceleration.

High Torque

Excellent Torque – Rise Characteristics in High Speed and High Load Range Enable Stable Performance of Job Duties even at High Load.


  • Designed for marine use
  • Type Approved by Class Societies
  • Low, stable LOC(Lubricating Oil Consumption) and long overhaul interval
  • Tufftride treatment cylinder liner and nitrided stainless steel rings and the finely judged clearance between piston and liner
  • Special treatment injection nozzle

Simplified Maintenance – Low Downtime

Large inspection windows on the side of the block allow in-site replacement of pistions. Lube Oil filter is easy-to-replace cartridge type. Full mechanical engine management avoids the chance of delicate and expensive electronics failing in hot, marine engine room conditions. Maintenance is simplified, inspection and replacement costs are lower. Reliablity and durability are enhanced. Engine is user-friendly.

High capacity front PTO

Flexible + Easily adapted for unique + system Hi horsepower P.T.O requirement.

YANMAR Original Marine Gear

Easier Mainteance

The 3-part structure of the case enables the forward shaft and reverse shaft to be disassembled and reassembled while still installed on the boat. In addition, a cartridge system is now used for the L.O.filter.
Large Capacity & Long Service Life

A fibre friction plate delivered improved trolling performance and increased clutch capacity, in addition, a finer LO filter extends the service life of the bearings and moving parts.

Damping of Fluctuating Torque

High-performance coupling reduces the fluctuating torque that is input to the marine gear. They reduce rattling and prevent torsional vibration to protect the power transmission parts.

Single + 2 speed vertical, offset options available to suit this new 6CXBM-GT model