TNM Series 18.9-23.6hp

tnm series main_625x140


Best in Class in Power Density

The secret to that power density lies in the new cylinder body. In addition to its extremely high output for the size, the engine also has a smaller base for flexible installation on a wider range of work machines.

(*Power density is the ratio of engine output relative to the engine’s external dimensions. The MINIMAX series is ahead even of the present 3TNV70.)

Low Noise & Low Vibration

The Ladder Frame Structure

The ladder-like cylinder block achieves drastic reductions in noise and vibrations from the engine body.

Environmentally Friendly

Compliant with EPA Tier 4 in the U.S. and Extra-Low Fuel Consumption

The high combustion performance is achieved together with low emissions that satisfy EPA Tier 4. Yanmar’s very own combustion technologies and MC fuel injection pump and nozzle are the key to this achievement.

Easy Installation

Easy Installation and Replacement, the Perfect fit for your Machine

With its compact size and universal base attachment design, the MINIMAX series is an easy replacement for almost all major applications.

  • Lawn and Garden Equipment
  • Small Agricultural Machinery
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Compact Generators
MODEL Continuous Output Bore x Stroke (mm) Displacement (litres) Dry Weight(kg)
3TNM68 17.8mhp @ 3600rpm 68 x 72 0.784 86
3TNM72 20.8mhp @ 3600rpm 72 x 74 0.903 92