PTO – Shaft


PTO- Power Take Off Shafts For TNV Engines

Accessories Brochure 2page 2009 Accessories Brochure 2page 2009
There are two options for PTO shafts for TNV series engines:

  • Direct coupled (long coupled)
  • Side load (belt coupled)
Direct Coupled PTO ShaftsTo suit all SA engines up 4TNV84T 40mm x 80mm
Pt No. 106700-21500To suit 4TNV94/98 SA engines 50mm x 130mm
Pt No. TNE-98-PTO

To suit all G1 engines up to 4TNV84T 40mm x 80mm
Pt No. TNE-G1PTO sturdy weatherproof cabinet

Side Load PTO KitsTo suit all SA engines up to 4TNV84T, SAE #5 bell housing, 7.5 flywheel
Pt No. 119888-89100It is recommended that Side Load PTO Kits be used in all belt driven applications.