Oil And Coolant



Designed specifically to handle the extremes of Australia’s rugged marine and industrial climates, Yanmar’s range of oil and coolants are developed for all Yanmar diesel engines and built to the exacting standards of the Yanmar name.

In choosing the Yanmar brand of genuine oils, customers can not only expect dependable engine operation, but also be confident in engine longevity through reduced engine wear and scuffing and corrosion. The Monograde SAE 30 CC/CD and 40 CC/CD oils are available in containers from 1 litre up to 20 litres.

The Yanmar engine oil is backed by a complete line-up of genuine Yanmar engine oil filters.

Keeping a tight reign on engine operating temperature, Yanmar has also developed a specialised long-life organic Coolant for their range of marine and industrial diesel power plants. Boasting up to a 3 year or 1,000 hour lifespan, the Yanmar Diesel organic coolant is suitable for all diesel engines.

Owning an engine built by one of the world’s most respected diesel manufacturers gives a feeling of confidence that only a Yanmar owner can have Keep the confidence levels high by choosing the very best service products available through Yanmar.

User Guide For Yanmar Branded Oil & Coolant

  • For engines operating in ambient conditions of 0 – 40°C use the YANMAR branded monograde SAE 30 oil.
  • For engines operating in ambient conditions of 20 – 50°C use the YANMAR branded monograde SAE 40 oil.
  • The oil change intervals are described in the engine operation manual.
  • 4BY and 6BY engines use synthetic oil only, consult operation manual for details.



The YANMAR branded concentrated coolant is provided in 5 or 20 litre containers. Concentrated coolant must be premixed with clean potable water before it is added to an engine cooling water system. If there is doubt about the local water quality, use distilled water.

  • The mixing ratio is 50 / 50% with exception of the TF and TS series of engines.
  • TF and TS series engines require a mixture rate up to a maximum of 30% coolant concentrate in water.
  • It is our recommendation for Marine engines that the coolant is changed every 500 hours or once a year whichever comes first
  • 6LP(A) series require a coolant change every 250 hours or once a year whichever comes first.
  • For industrial engines we recommend to change coolant every 2000 hours or once every 2 years whichever comes first.

Please click below approximate oil and coolant capacities for engine models:

Oil for Engines Summary – Industrial

Oil for Engines Summary – Marine