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Yanmar air-cooled diesel helps deliver brilliant new compressor to the market

A new compact, portable compressor designed by Peerless Products for the industrial market is set to put serious pressure on the continuous-air compressor market in Australia and beyond. It’s powered by the best light-weight stationary diesel power on the market too.

Peerless Products National Sales and Marketing Manager Troy Jamieson loves working with Steve Harvey from Power Equipment because he knows Steve can be trusted to keep new ideas confidential.

Take for example a new style of diesel-powered rotary screw compressor recently launched on the market by Peerless with the help of Power Equipment.

Punching way above its weight compared to its size, the Titan10 diesel rotary screw compressor has taken the industrial compressor market by storm with its L100N Yanmar-powered abilities – including delivery of 1,100 litres of compressed air per minute at 8bar (116psi).

This remarkably compact powerhouse compressor – designed by Peerless and aimed at the service, mines and agricultural industries – is looking like setting the benchmark in the portable, continuous airflow compressor market.

Primarily the brainchild of Troy, the Titan10 was officially launched in September 2021 after “two years of design and development”. Troy says without a team however the design could never have been achieved and credits help from colleagues Andrew, Jye and Chris to take the project from dream to development.

“Steve Harvey from Power Equipment is really good to work with too,” explained Troy, “because he has the product knowledge and we know our ideas stay confidential during development when we are working with him,” explained Troy.

“Working with Power Equipment has been fantastic and the Yanmar L-series are such an easy motor to work with.”

The Yanmar L100 series are a single-cylinder, air-cooled compact direct-injection diesel engine that deliver 6.5-7.4kW (8.8-10hp) depending on configuration.

The L100N has been the perfect match for the Titan10 compressor in the Australian market because of its unbeatable robustness, light weight, ease of starting and super-low fuel consumption.

Says Troy of the Titan10 with Yanmar power;

“The total size of the Titan10 comes in at just 619mm by 646mm and stands just 1150mm tall.

“It has a complete protective casing – we call it a ‘roll cage’, but of course it’s not designed to roll around – the cage prevents damage to the unit when it’s in a ute or truck-mounted scenario but still allows easy access for servicing,” Troy said.

The Titan10 weighs in at just 210kg complete, (including protective casing). It can be set at up to 10bar pressure delivery, (in applications such as heavy vehicle tyre inflation for example).

“As an industrial-level compressor it is a continuous airflow design that would suit most workshops and mobile applications. It has two outlets also so it can run multiple air tools. And with the Yanmar, it only uses 1.65litres of diesel per hour at idle and just on 2.2litres per hour under load delivering air – they’re very efficient.”

The L100N employs one of the world’s smallest fuel injection systems (developed by Yanmar) that helps with this direct-injection efficiency and also creates a cleaner-running engine.

Troy says the other advantages of Yanmar diesel power include the fact that the Titan10 can deliver industrial-grade compressed air abilities without the need for three-phase power into a work shed “and with a lift-pump connected to a vehicle, the Yanmar can have its fuel supplied direct from a diesel vehicle’s fuel tank if needed.”

The engine is key-started, can be fitted with remote start and emergency stop and “we’ve added battery isolation and both hour and service meters to it as well.”

Regular servicing is smart on any diesel of course, but the Yanmar brand already has plenty of ‘street cred’ for its toughness in Australian industry. “We already knew Yanmars had a good name in mining and agriculture in Australia – and really they are a much easier engine to work with,” says Troy.

“They’re quieter too and their vibration levels are less than other brands.”

The Titan10 – like much of the Peerless Products range – is manufactured and assembled in Bendigo, Victoria. If initial indications are anything to go by, that’s one assembly line that is going to get mighty busy in coming months.

“We believe we’ll open up multiple markets with the Titan10/Yanmar combination,” says Troy proudly.

“The first time we displayed it at the South Australian field days, the very first bloke to see it bought it!” Build it and they will come eh Troy?

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