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OXE Diesel for NZ Coast Guard

Coastguard Mana’s new 12.5m Protector rescue vessel Te Awarua might look much the same as 21 other Protectors that make up Coastguard’s new fleet of ex-America’s Cup vessels, but there’s a clear difference – it’s powered by a pair of OXE300 three-litre, straight-six, twin-turbo diesel 300hp outboards.

Photo courtesy of BoatingNZ

The boatingNZ.co.nz team went aboard Mana Coastguard’s newest vessel in Auckland just prior to its delivery down-country to Coastguard Mana near Wellington, getting an opportunity to drive the boat and experience OXE Diesel outboards first-hand.
Te Awarua is the first twin OXE 300hp diesel outboard commercial fitout in New Zealand. It represents a new generation of vessels for Coastguard, taking advantage of new technology and enabling Coastguard units to be better care for the environment.

Photo courtesy of BoatingNZ

Coastguard Mana has long been due a new vessel – the vessel Te Awarua replaces originally came from Coastguard Howick. An older vessel, it was showing signs of wear and tear and suffered frequent maintenance issues, which impacted the unit’s operational readiness.

So Mana was high on the list to receive a new vessel as part of the unique partnership between Coastguard, Lotto and ETNZ, which saw the support boats from the America’s Cup, refitted and rebranded as Coastguard rescue vessels.

Most of the ex-ETNZ support vessels have conventional petrol outboard power. However, environmental protection measures in place at Mana Marina don’t allow petrol refilling – so for Coastguard, diesel outboards make perfect sense.

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