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Megajet – The workstation that does it all

Gavin Crocker has been using Yanmars in a wide variety of small engine applications for
more than 20 years. His business is about supplying the machines that invariably keep other
machines maintained or doing the hard slog around the farm, so reliability and reputation
are everything. Those are just two of the reasons he uses Yanmar’s L100N5 lightweight
diesel power in his Megajet 4-in-1 workstations.


If you have ever looked seriously at your options for better quality generators, pumps, spray units, pressure washers or the like, you have probably come across the name “Megajet”.
They build a wide variety of small machines for many applications, but the jewel in their crown, (so to peak), is possibly the Megajet “4-in-1” Workstation that combines a generator, welder, air compressor and battery charger in one neat unit.
Gavin Crocker builds Megajet machines with the Yanmar L100N5 air-cooled diesel in the Industrial MJIY10E version of the Megajet 4-in-1 Workstation, giving plenty of good reasons for using Yanmar:
“In my years of working in engine-based businesses, Yanmar is simply a better engine,” explains Gavin. “For a start, they’re smoother and more reliable – and the brand is better accepted by customers too.”
Customers want to know the specifications of Megajet’s workstations and are keenly interested in the brand of engine running it.


The 10hp Yanmar-driven MJIY10E provides a 6kW generator, 14CFM compressor, (with 30L tank), and 200amp welder in a compact 180kg, framed unit.
Considering you get all that ability in a package measuring 950mm X 760mm, it’s not hard to understand why this Queensland manufactured 4-in-1 Workstation is a favourite on literally thousands of service
vehicles and other mobile work trucks across the country. They’re the dream tool of many a farmer and working property owner too.
“The compact size of the Yanmar is what we need to fit in the frame size,” says Gavin also. Given that Yanmar are the pioneers of miniaturised and lightweight diesel engines, the L100N range weighs in at around just 50kg, the synergy with Megajet’s 4-in-1 Workstation design is easy to see.

Yanmar’s proprietary direct injection technology, (coupled with a combustion chamber design that matches perfectly to the injection system to give cleaner fuel burning), gives this single-cylinder diesel a
virtually unbeatable advantage.
The Yanmar L100N5’s 10hp output helps deliver one of the biggest advantages of Megajet’s 4-in-1 Workstation – simultaneous use of both the generator and welder.


“The welder is a DC (direct current) unit, while the generator is a brushed alternator. I always impress on people the fact that they can both be used at the same time and the brushed alternator gives a better contact and strike for the welding function too,” Gavin said.
Anyone who works with machines for long enough always understands the imperative of servicing and Gavin is no different. He laughs when he says: “It never ceases to amaze me the number of guys who have our units on their service trucks, doing servicing for a living, who rarely service their units!”
“Servicing your gear is always important and I always recommend using the genuine Yanmar parts and filters on the engine,” Gavin said, “you’re spending nearly $10,000 on these Industrial 4-in-1 units so it’s worth spending the time and relatively small amount on genuine parts to keep it good.”


The “4-in-1” workstation concept was pioneered by Megajet and many years of research and development have gone into both the “Ozy” and “Industrial” variants that are available today.
The Industrial-spec units include double 15amp outlets (complete with safety switch) and other higher specifications like IP66 switch ratings. Customisation options of these multi-use machines are almost endless, including the ability to add MIG (gas or gassless) wire feed to the welder or larger air compressor tanks for higher-volume air compressor needs.
The Megajet 4-in-1 Workstation is still considered the best of its type on the market and Gavin Crocker is more than happy to have the Yanmar brand attached to that hard earned reputation.
“Many of our units go into remote areas where getting parts and support is a factor,” Gavin said, “but if people recognise the engine brand they’re getting, they’re usually more comfortable.”
“Yanmar engines have a good name in rural Australia and are known for good availability of parts, so that helps the brand be better accepted by customers.”
“Having both electric and pull start on the Yanmar L100N is important as well – customers want electric start on a diesel, but also want to know they can pull start it if they have to.”

Learn more about Megajet’s all-in-one workstations at megajet.com.au.