Luhrs 37 Yanmar repower helps man & machine in ultimate fishing battles

The 6LY440 fully-electronic diesel superstar does better than standing on the shoulders of its successful Yanmar predecessors, it is proving that Yanmar repowering can take an already good game boat into the “brilliant” category.

“Reef Raine”, a Luhrs 37 flybridge cruiser set-up for game fishing, journeys off in search of another epic battle of sports fishing

“The thing is, when one of the guys down on the deck are on the wire with a big fish, I need to have good control over that boat,” explains Luhrs 37 owner Simon Ahern.

“These new engines are spot on when I need to be pushing backwards or moving the boat quickly in different directions during a hookup or close-quarters stuff – they certainly respond quicker,” Simon enthuses.

“Reef Raine” will frequently journey to the North Queensland game fishing hotspots like Myrmidon Reef with the confidence delivered by her pair of new Yanmar 6LY440s

Such is the praise for the new pair of Yanmar 6LY440 fully electronic diesel engines in his well-maintained Luhrs Reef Raine, installed by North Queensland-based Belcher Diesel Services.

Simon is enthusiastic about his game fishing, but while he doesn’t profess to be a heavy or light tackle expert, he certainly knows how he needs his game fishing machine to work in the heat of battle with something 500 pounds or more hooked up behind the boat.

The American-built vessel had a pair of 480hp Yanmars replaced with the new 6LYs and the results have been impressive – with a top speed of 32 knots and virtually smoke-free running, even on cold startups.

Previously the boat topped out at around 29 knots.

With the advantages of fully electronically controlled engines making their mark for Yanmar owners like Simon now, the future looks much cleaner in the air and on the transoms of repowered boats and ultimately happier at the diesel bowser.

Simon estimates he’s running the Luhrs at the 20knot-mark for around 100L/hr (combined).

“At about 24knots it’s probably around 120 litres per hour, but it’s also nice putting the sticks on the Laminex to feel how she runs,“ (‘Sticks on the Laminex’ being Simon’s fond term for running at WOT).

He followed the run-in regime for the new engines to ensure the legendary longevity that Yanmars are famous for and has already topped 100 hours. And just as well-maintained fishing gear is essential during game fishing critical moments, Simon keeps clean oil in his machines and changes filters at the prescribed hours. The standard service regime for the new Yanmar 6LY440 is 250 hours once run-in.

“I’d recommend all boat owners keep good records of their maintenance – I also mark the change dates and hours on my filters as another reminder,” Simon suggested.

Flybridge complete with Palm-Beach engine controls provides precise maneuverability to assist in the landing of a prized catch onboard “Reef Raine”

A nice new set of Palm Beach controls on the flybridge helm of the Luhrs complete the Yanmar gauges and electronics suite well in a command centre set for search and hookup battles of epic proportions.

With an added set of electronic controls in the cockpit, Simon can also dock the boat himself if necessary.

The Luhrs can turn on a dime during serious game fishing hookup manoeuvres and Simon is reveling in the responsiveness and control offered by the electronic precision of his new engines.

Electronic control can also reduce the chance of skipper error in gear changes whilst operating a vessel between forward and reverse – a nice safety factor when all focus is on a 900lb+ Black Marlin jumping nearby.

Brad Belcher of Belcher Diesel Services takes the wheel of the Luhrs 37 which he recently repowered with common-rail Yanmar 6LY440s for a more responsive, smoother and quieter engine configuration

He who has the tech, wins…

“There is a very good jump in technology with the 6LY440 Yanmars” says Brad Belcher from Belcher Diesel Services in Townsville North Queensland, the team responsible for Reef Raine’s engine refit.

“I’m a big fan of them and whilst rated at 40 horsepower less than the old engines, actually push the boat quicker.”

“They’re smoother and definitely quieter engines too,” says Brad, who is very happy to have come on board as a Yanmar Dealer in September 2016.

The new electronic common-rail engines also present an easier install in terms of connections to a boat’s systems, with less harnesses to run than the first generation electronically governor equipped engines sold by Yanmar.

The better performance of the 6LY440s is an experience Power Equipment has seen mirrored in three similar refits on other vessels around the country so the future is looking very bright for this exciting new model.

The 324kW (440mhp @ 3,300rpm) 6LY440 is a 5.8 litre engine (that’s 354 cubic inches in land-lubber hotrod speak) and utilises Yanmar’s famous six-in-line block that has been the basis of the LY2 and LY3 series engines for around two decades.

A pair of Yanmar 6LY440s sit within the engine bay. The compact size provides an ideal solution within limited confines.

Another class-winning factor of the 6LY is in the compact size of the engine, made possible through a shorter bore and stroke (106mm X 110mm). This allows for better engine room fits and easier access all round.

A proven block is where most of the similarity ends however with this new, cleaner Yanmar marine powerhouse, with everything from fuel delivery through to manifolds engineered to create a cleaner, better engine in every way.

The 6LY440 comes with impressive emissions credentials too, meeting European RCD2, IMO/GL and EMC standards along with US EPA Tier 3 accreditation.

The cleaner running of this new compact horsepower in the Yanmar quiver is evident in the lack of smoke at all rev ranges – something keeping game fishers and skippers very happy during the hours of slower running between strikes.

Power Equipment was privileged to have a demonstration of Reef Raine’s abilities on flat water at full throttle for a photo shoot off Townsville, with the Luhrs leaving only white water and wake visible behind her.

Reef Raine will be run regularly to North Queensland game fishing hotspots like Myrmidon Reef, some 120 kilometres from Townsville with the confidence delivered by the new Yanmar 6LY440s.

Here Simon and his fishing companions hunt for the prizes that lurk in 300 to 1000 metres of water only a few kilometres from the crystal-clear tranquility of a reef lagoon.

Knowing his Yanmars are up to the task, whether during the day’s fishing or with ‘the sticks on the Laminex’ during the return journey is no doubt making Simon’s favourite on-water pursuit an even greater joy.

Top speed of 32 knots and virtually smoke free running the Luhrs 37 enthusiastically responds to any call to put “the sticks to the Laminex.”

Yanmar 6LY440 6 cylinder 5.8L marine Tier 3 engine. Rated 324 kW (440mhp@3300 rpm), 4-valve cylinder head, direct injection with Denso Common-rail system, turbo charged with watercooled turbine housing.