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John Deere irrigation power showcased in the news

The team at Australasian Farmers’ & Dealers’ Journal have recently published a great article on why more and more farmers around Australia are choosing John Deere industrial engines for their stationary and irrigation power needs.

John Deere’s reputation across the globe needs no introduction, and their extensive range of off-highway diesel engines are best in class, efficient and dependable.

Through their long and proud history of designing and manufacturing some of the best engines and machinery available, farmers, irrigators, equipment manufacturers and their customers can rely on John Deere power.

Each of the John Deere engines designed for on-farm work delivers their very own unique advantages, with the John Deere 6135 model range a prime example of what makes John Deere engines perfect in a wide range of applications, especially for farming and irrigation needs.

That’s why more and more farmers are choosing John Deere for their power needs.

You can read the full story at https://afdj.com.au/john-deere-provides-more-farmers-with-reliable-stationary-power-and-versatility/