Gori Propeller New Logo & 3 Blade Single Pitch Propeller


Gori Propeller full speed ahead under new owners

Gori Propeller – New Logo

Gori Propeller has a lively new look and a new product that will please yacht manufacturers.

Last year the high-performance marine rigging manufacturer BSI A/S bought Gori Propeller, a move that brings two complementary technologies under the one umbrella.

The new alignment coincides with the release of Gori’s latest innovative product, a three-blade single pitch propeller that will ultimately be available for 10hp-300hp engines.

The BSI Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rigging and hatches for all types of yachts.

Now that Gori Propeller is a fully-owned subsidiary of BSI, it has taken on the BSI look with a red and blue logo that lines up with the other brands in the Group.

Gori Propeller will incorporate the new colours and logo on its brochures and revamped the website. The new website will contain more information than its current one, including illustrated instructions that can be downloaded.

The website will carry images of spare parts with order numbers as well as a distributor link to download photos and advertising material.

New Gori Three-Blade Single Pitch (SP) Propeller

gori-image3Gori’s new three-blade single pitch (SP) propeller is based on the standard three blade propeller introduced in 1994. The new Gori SP propeller has all the same features that made the original version the most efficient sailboat propeller under power and sail, but it does not have overdrive.

This is because some yacht owners do not know how to operate the standard propeller.

Like the original version, the new SP thee-blade Gori propellers pivots 360 degrees when switching between forward and reverse. And it operates at the same pitch in forward and in reverse, so it has superior stopping power.

One of the big attractions of the Gori three-blade propeller is that it has the lowest drag of all sailboat propellers (1.4 Newton at 6 knots). It does not auto rotate when folded so there is no need for a shaft brake.

gori-At present, the new SP propeller is available for sail-drive engines only, and for all left-hand propellers (LH), from 15” thru 20”.

Later this year shaft propellers from 22” thru 26” will be ready as will right-hand (RH) propellers, which feature on the majority of marine engines in the pleasure boat market. If the demand arises, Gori will develop larger LH versions also.

Because the new three-blade Gori single pitch (SP) propeller is fully equivalent to the overdrive version, the existing calculation program on www.gori-propeller.com can be used for both versions.

Gori Propeller has started to deliver the new single pitch propeller. Since it is aimed at the OEM market, some yards in Europe and South Africa specify it as standard or offer it as an option.