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D’Aprix Marine knows best when it comes to repowers

Gold Coast-based marine engineering specialists D’Aprix Marine Services know that getting the installation right is as important as the engines you are putting into your vessel. Two recent re-powers have showcased not just the quality of their work, but just how well a boat can be transformed by installing the best marine propulsion on the market – Yanmar and John Deere Marine diesel engines.

It’s been a busy 12 months for D’Aprix Marine Services, a marine engineering business based at the bustling Gold Coast City Marina and Shipyard in Queensland. Two recent installations by D’Aprix Marine Services have transformed two very different power boats – one opting for the dedicated marine engine option of Yanmar and the other choosing the long-trusted name of John Deere Marine diesels.

Yanmar 6LPA install for Larson 370

“The Larson 370 exceeded all expectations by a very long way with her Yanmar 6LPA installation,” says Tim D’Aprix. Tim D’Aprix is the managing director and chief engineer of D’Aprix Marine Services and about the only thing exceeding his enthusiasm is his expertise in marine installation work.

Tim’s business recently became an authorised Yanmar diesel sales and service centre, and he’s definitely proud to have taken on the mighty Yanmar product.

After the owner recently returned the vessel home to Yeppoon on the Central Queensland Coast, (via a nice visit to Lady Musgrave Island on the way), Tim calculated the Larson 370 was running at 20-22knots cruise speeds and using an average of 70litres per hour (combined).

“This gave the owner a range of 312 nautical miles which is absolutely incredible,” said Tim. “The previous big-block petrol engines in that vessel would have been lucky to deliver half that range at double the fuel consumption.”

As builders of dedicated marine diesel engines, Yanmar is particular about how their engines are installed into vessels. In fact, most warranties on Yanmar marine engines will require proof of proper fitting from a qualified expert like Tim, so it pays to get such work done by a professional.

Owner Peter Stocks is as enthusiastic as Tim in his praise of his new Yanmar power, reporting after the return voyage:

“The difference is just chalk and cheese. There is literally no smoke, no petrol fumes and (the Yanmars) are so quiet we could easily have a conversation at the helm doing 20 knots. Ecstatic!”

The finished job has revealed not just a better, (and easier to access), engine room, but a vessel that is better all over thanks to other D’Aprix Marine Services work that included a new Mase generator (also from Power Equipment), full dash upgrade, complete electrical upgrade, (including all new battery system), and new head and plumbing installation.

The Larson 370 is typical of production leisure vessels in Australia that can benefit far beyond the cost of their refit with new engines like those available from Yanmar. With good power-to-weight performance for horsepower, significantly better fuel burn and torque figures that leave some other brands embarrassed, Yanmars can give a whole new lease of life to vessels like this.

Coming in at just over 400kg without transmission, the 6LPA is a 315mhp straight six-cylinder diesel that gives its all, (horsepower-wise), at the 3,800rpm mark.

Turbocharged and intercooled, the 6LPA is a direct-injection 4.2litre displacement diesel with mechanical fuel injection. Sophisticated in its own right, it has been a favourite of both boat builders and experienced boat owners for years because of its simple maintenance regime and proven longevity.

John Deere 4045SFM85 diesels for 52’ powercat

Meanwhile the custom-built 52-foot alloy catamaran Sea-R got a brand-spanking new pair of John Deere Marine diesels whilst Tim managed a total of eight different trades in a major refit for this very comfortable live-aboard cruising explorer.

Installing a pair of 4.5litre PowerTech 4045SFM85’s, Sea-R is now benefitting from the lower RPM, (and lower noise), high torque advantage that comes with John Deere marine propulsion.

Sea-R had a top speed of 14 knots with her old engines and the owners were hopeful of at least 16 knots with the new John Deeres. Fast-forward to sea trials and the numbers are spectacular to say the least!

This 52-foot catamaran now has a WOT performance of 22 knots, (yes, you read that right, 22knots!), and planing speeds with little noise on the flybridge.

“It has a seriously smooth run across the water at planing speeds now and the John Deere repower has completely transformed this catamaran,” reports Tim.

The high-pressure common rail fuel system in the 4045SFM85 provides variable multiple injections at higher injection pressures. Its control of fuel injection timing delivers perfectly precise control for the start, duration and end of each injection – delivering fantastic John Deere performance and excellent fuel economy with low emissions.

Coupled with the integrated components for a water-cooled exhaust manifold (eliminating external hoses and fittings) and air-to-seawater aftercooling on the turbocharging, this engine can deliver much higher performance than might be expected from such a compact engine.

The difference in space around each engine compared to its old propulsion regime has to be seen to be appreciated. Legendary John Deere longevity should ensure Sea-R is running sweetly (and quieter!) for many, many years.

D’Aprix Marine Services also got a new John Deere dash installation, Mase generator and some other nice upgrades including full electronic control, battery system management upgrade and spectacular new underwater lighting.

Being a one-stop shop for such extensive, quality work, it’s no wonder there is a line-up of boat owners looking to revitalise their pride and joy with D’Aprix Marine Services at Gold Coast City Marina. Couple that ability and experience with the quality of Yanmar and John Deere marine propulsion provided by Power Equipment and you really are looking at the best way to transform your pride and joy on the water!

Find out more about D’Aprix Marine’s services at daprixmarine.com.au