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A.G. Pulie gives concreters what they want with Yanmar

Established in 1951, concreting tool provider A.G. Pulie has been using small diesel Yanmar engines in a range of its machinery for more than ten years. Considering the heritage of Yanmar as the world’s first commercialised producer of small diesel engines, Power Equipment is proud to provide an established, quality engine to this statesman of Australian industrial suppliers.

If you’ve been providing tools to Australian trades for nearly 70 years, there’s a fair chance you know the demands of those workplaces. Welcome to the world of A.G. Pulie, providers of tools to the concreting and associated trades for many decades.

A.G. Pulie have been using Yanmars in some of their engine-driven equipment since 2011. Considering Yanmar was the first company in the world to successfully commercialise small and practical diesel engines in 1933, there are some nice parallels between these two industrial providers.

Paul Hasenkam, General Manager of A.G. Pulie talks it straight, (is there any other way in the concrete trade?), and knows what his customers demand from their equipment. “If it’s not powered by a (another particular brand of petrol engine) or a Yanmar, they just won’t buy it,” says Paul.

“Concreters in Australia like particular types and styles of tools, and you’ll find that the concreters in different parts of the world will only use certain styles of equipment – it varies very much from country to country.”

Since switching to Yanmar diesels, A.G. Pulie haven’t looked back and can now rely on the tough, efficient brilliance of the air-cooled Yanmar L48. They are used in their drive units for pumping and vibration tool equipment, (interesting fact: concrete vibration shafts vibrate at up to 16,000rpm!), and are also an option on the company’s H-series and MF-series of walk-behind troweling machines.

They have also recently added the brilliant new electric-start version of the L48 to their drive units – an option that will make life even easier on the job for concreters across the country!

Easy to get going in either pull or electric start options, the L48 is a vertical cylinder, 4-cycle air-cooled 4.2hp compact and lightweight diesel engine that is, quite simply, the small industrial diesel motor that can’t be beaten on the job.

This low vibration, low noise direct injection baby of the Yanmar industrial workhorse range has earnt a reputation as an engine that can stand up to hard work – and hard conditions.

Paul says the switch to Yanmar’s L48 diesel for the company’s Masterfinish drive units, pumping and walk-behind troweling machines was initially driven by demands for tougher, more reliable engines in the northern Australia market, particularly in North Queensland.

There are not too many more demanding places for the “wet trades” than northern Australia in the summer months, but as many users of the L48 have found out, there aren’t many tougher engines either.

Requirements for underground works has also led an increase in demand for diesel-powered light industrial machines. Efficient, low-emissions diesels like those provided by the Yanmar range are proving a real winner in this regard.

Rated to work in ambient temperatures up to 60 degrees Celcius, it’s no surprise this engine is solving problems in the toughest of environments. The L48 Yanmar can be found all over the country, working machines of every kind you can probably imagine – even running all year on watering pumps and bore pumps across some of Australia’s biggest cattle properties.

Visit agpulie.com.au for more info on A.G. Pulie’s range of equipment.