Yanmar a Core Strength at The Lister Specialists

The Lister Specialists was established in Perth in 1989 with the sole objective of servicing, supplying and installing diesel engines. Owner Peter Boam has enjoyed a twenty year association with the Yanmar brand.
Today, through the vagaries of tough market forces, The Lister Specialists business has matured and now offers a big range of diesel brands to the pumping and power generation markets.
This business relationship with Yanmar started when Peter serviced and repaired Yanmar engines in his workshop. From repairs, the demand for replacement engines inevitably evolved and it wasn’t long before Peter was selling Yanmar industrial engines to customers.


The Lister 1
Yanmar engine models sold by The Lister Specialists included the Yanmar L Series, TF Series and TNV Series.
Over the past two years, demand had slowed in the WA market as many miners have scaled back their operations. A surge in off-grid power generation has however taken up the slack in the market, together with a slight growth in demand from farmers for pumping equipment. Today, Peter Boam has seen his turnover return to where it was a little over two years ago.
“So far this year we have seen a welcome turnaround,” said Peter Boam.
“We are currently building a replacement pump for the Water and Rivers Commission operating at the Cane River near Onslow. For a business of our size, this is a good contract to have won.”
The new pump is one of three pumps used to supply town water to Onslow. Each pump switches in and out of service in response to demand for water. Peter Boam is using a Yanmar 4TNV98 engine to drive the pump. When commissioned, the new Yanmar driven pump will deliver water at the rate of 18 litres per second at 70 psi.
“We are very comfortable with the Yanmar brand,” Peter Boam said. “The engines are very well finished and they’re reliable. On the very rare occasion that there is a warranty issue, it’s dealt with quickly and professionally by Power Equipment so that we can all move along.”
In the power generation area, Peter Boam has also supplied and installed quite a variety of Yanmar products. The Yanmar eG-i inverter generator series has also proven popular amongst mobile food traders including ice cream vendors and coffee trucks.
Yanmar YEG and YH series industrial generators have proven popular and been in high demand amongst the miners and also with station owners.
“There is definitely a growing market with customers who are off the grid and those who want to operate a dual solar/electric system,” Peter Boam said.
“We continue to promote and sell Yanmar powered systems on the basis of product quality. Customers who appreciate quality are customers worth having.”