JCB DieselMax Repowers Shiplift at FNQ Marina

Repowering the Shiplift at Rosshaven Marine with a JCB DieselMax engine has given this busy shipyard complete confidence in the operation of their most critical piece of equipment.

At Rosshaven Marine, the Shiplift is an essential element to the operation of their shipyard. The Shiplift performs around 900 lifts annually, being used extensively on a daily basis.

Located in the Port of Townsville, Rosshaven Marine’s Shiplift is a 70 tonne model built in 1985, and has performed more than 25,000 lifts to date. Over the past 29 years, the original 6 cylinder diesel engine has been rebuilt several times. However, the management at Rosshaven Marine decided that the original diesel had reached the end of its life. Reliability had become an issue so the decision was taken to replace the old 6 cylinder engine with a fresh new JCB DieselMax 4 cylinder engine from Power Equipment, the Australian Distributor of JCB DieselMax engines.

“We already enjoyed a good relationship with Power Equipment as Rosshaven Marine is also a Yanmar dealer,” said Chris Helps, General Manager at Rosshaven Marine.Rosshaven 2

“The price of the JCB was good and there was an engine in stock, so we set about the swap using a JCB444IPU-TCA2 mechanically governed engine package. The job went smoothly taking only two days.”

In addition to sourcing the JCB DieselMax “radiator to flywheel” unit from Power Equipment, a Power Equipment “Engine Protection System” was also supplied.

During the repower process, the old hydraulic pump on the Shiplift was replaced with a new unit. This is direct coupled to the JCB engine and, apart from a few minor changes to the engine mounts, the swap was very easy.

“The new JCB engine has plenty to like about it,” said Chris Helps. “It is a direct injection engine, so has quick starts at the flick of the key.”

A major consideration in operating at a salt water marine environment is water condensation which forms in the diesel fuel tank. The JCB444IPU-TCA2 comes standard with 2 fuel filters – a water separating fuel filter with water sensing alarm and a finer secondary filter. Since commissioning, the fuel system on the JCB has operated perfectly every day.

With the JCB installed and commissioned, the engine delivers more power and the Shiplift is performing like a new one. The engine swap has given this unit a completely new lease of life.

“The Shiplift is the life blood of Rosshaven Marine,” Chris Helps said.

“If it doesn’t work then we are out business. Repowering with the JCB DieselMax has given us the reliability and performance that we demand.”

Power Equipment is the authorised Distributor for the JCB brand of diesel engines. The JCB DieselMax is a 4-cylinder powerhouse available in 4.4 litre and 4.8 litre configurations. Both engines boast 4 valves per cylinder while delivering high torque at low speeds. The power range across the JCB range is from 63kW to 120kW with power ratings all achieved and measured at 2200 rpm.

The JCB DieselMax is one of the very finest engines in its class on the market and carries a market leading warranty policy of 3 years or 4,000 hours on major components or 2 years or 4,000 hours on minor components. Quiet operation is an added bonus as is the low fuel consumption.

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