Yanmar Net Cleaner

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The Yanmar marine Net cleaners (NCL-SE3 & NCL-LX) make net cleaning, effective and efficient. Using only water and twenty four (24) volts DC to operate the unit at depths of up to fifty (50) metres, the Yanmar marine net cleaner will prevent parasites, fish damage and net damage.

Power Equipment has introduced the Yanmar Marine Net Cleaning Robots to the Australian and New Zealand aquaculture markets.

The robots allow cleaning of sea cages of virtually any size down to a depth of fifty (50) metres.

Operation of the robots is performed remotely from the comfort of the wheelhouse. The movement and progress of the robot is captured by front and rear mounted video cameras that provide the operator clear vision of the robots path and direction while speed and directional adjustments are made via the operation of a joystick controller.

The Yanmar Marine Net Cleaning Robot is self propelled and has the ability to operate on all net surfaces including the base and if required can operate inverted. The robot can be deployed and operated by one (1) person.

Available in 2 models to suit all aqua-farming applications.

Before and After Picture


Before and After

Performance Video Part 1

Performance Video Part 2




Merits of efficient net cleaning using the Yanmar Net Cleaning Robot:

  • Improves water flow through sea cages thus improving oxygen levels, feeding activity and water quality
  • Prevents the proliferation of parasites as nets are able to be cleaned more regularly
  • The use of anti fouling chemical on nets is not necessary and in fact not required
  • Prevents harm to fish from inadvertent contact or striking shellfish which have adhered to cages
  • Prevents stretching and damage of nets which occurs with increased biofouling weight being present
  • Net cleaning can be performed anytime as required
  • Net inspection is performed during the cleaning process thus limiting the services of divers to repairs only
  • Reduced OH&S exposure as a result of less manpower required to maintain nets at sea or on land
  • In the unlikely event of a Robot hose failure ONLY UNCONTAMINATED SEA WATER will be released into the environment

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