LPA Sterndrive Series 315mhp

Power Boat Engines

Yanmar LPA(2) Sterndrive Series (315mhp)

  • Maximum Power and Fuel Economy
  • Exceptional Reliablity
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Excellent Power -to- Weight ratio
  • Compact engine dimensions

Engine Model

  • 6LPA-STZ(T)P2  315mhp @ 3800rpm

Sterndrive option

Yanmar dealers now offer the following:

  • Bravo 1X, Bravo 2X, Bravo 3X
  • ZT370

Original equipment adapter. Yanmar 6LPA-STZ(T)P2 engines as a single package purchase.

The STZ(T)P2 gets you a “go fast package” of a big oil cooler, gallery cooled pistons and big breathing 4-valve head. The engine can be ordered with optional instrument panels B, C, or D. Panel B mounts the usual tachometer and vital sensors for battery, temperature and oil, but in addition has sensors for,

i) fuel/water separator water level.
ii) seawater flow at intercooler, and iii) waste-gate valve blockage (boost pressure) Panel C and D offer more sensors again, namely for, iv) heat exchanger fresh water level. The aim is to go faster on less fuel, while at the same time keeping a far better eye on all those vital engine health functions.

LPA Series Feature

Light in weight, small in size, high power output. This engine contains many high performance features sure to appeal to the serious motorboater. The overhead cam design develops max hp at higher revs, allowing smaller, smoother running propellers. The model even features 4 valves per cylinder for enhanced breathing and top end performance.

Better fuel and air management

A waste-gated, water-cooled turbo really makes things happen when the throttle is put down hard. To reduce embarrassing black smoke at these times, the 6LPA engine has a boost-compensated distributor-type fuel pump, and burn efficiency has been improved as well.

Reduced vibration and noise

Two stage springs in fuel injectors reduce injection noise. Ladder-frame, full block-width crankshaft bearing cap structure reduces lower block area distortion and fights bearing slap. The belt drive makes for big cuts in timing gear noise, while the 12 balance-weight crankshaft and rubber engine mounts soak up much of the usual diesel vibration.


Combining a Yanmar Diesel with a MerCruiser or the new Yanmar ZT350 sterndrive gives a wide variety of engine and propulsion unit choices to better suit your boating needs. Installation is straightforward, either for a new boat or for re-powering.



  • Flexible engine mount, 2 pcs/set
  • Power steering pump and oil tank for sterndrive


  • Exhaust water mixing elbow – Hi-Rise

Starting and Stopping

  • Electric engine stop device

Electrical and Instrumentation

  • Alternator, 12V-80A
  • New D-type instrument panel
  • Alarm switch and meter sensor assy
  • Boost meter sensor assy for New D-type panel
  • Extension wireharness, 6m
  • Connecting wireharness for “MERCRUISER” trim gauge kit

“Mercruiser” Sterndrive Accessories

  • Propellers for BRAVO ONE-X, BRAVO TWO-X and BRAVO THREE-X



  • Kingston cock

Fuel Oil

  • Fuel water separator

Lube Oil

  • Lube oil evacuation pump, rotary type

Starting and Stopping

  • Cold starting aid (Air heater)

Electrical and Instrumentation

  • Electric type bilge pump, 12V
  • New B-type instrument panel
  • New C-type instrument panel
  • Meter sensor assy for New B & C-type panel
  • Meter sensor assy for dual instrument panel (New C+C or C+D type)
  • Connecting wireharness for dual instrument panel


  • Side-mount type single control head (MORSE:MV)
  • Top-mount type single control head (MORSE:MT3)


  • Spare parts kit
  • Onboard tool kit

“Mercruiser” Sterndrive Accessories

  • 3-button trim control panel with 20ft. (6.1m) harness P/#55642A13
  • Toggle switch trim control panel with 20ft (6.1m) harness P/#78408A 5
  • Trim control extension wireharness, 10ft. (3.05m) P/#46838A 4
  • Trim control extension wireharness, 20ft. (6.1m) (Use with dual solenoid trim pump only) P/# 46838A 6
  • Power trim guage and single station sender. P/#79-817033A 4
  • Console mount type single remote control head, included trim switch/power control, adjustable throttle and neutral detent, neutral warm-up button, neutral start switch. P/#88688A 26