3 Blade Folding



This folding propeller marks a technological leap forward in the development of propellers for sailboats with large engine power. It is now possible for these sailboats and motor sailors to gain the folding propeller’s advantage under sail, combined with the fixed propellers thrust capability when motoring.

The 3-blade Gori folding propeller was introduced on the market in 1994 and won the DAME award and HISWA award the same year, as the best new marine product.

“Overdrive” function

The 3 blade Gori folding propeller’s “overdrive” function adds a new dimension to sailing under power. The helmsman can choose the propeller pitch and profile in the water while sailing forward, by regulating the yacht’s shift and throttle control. Without the use of vulnerable hydraulics or complicated mechanical devices. The “overdrive” is used when motorsailing in fair weather or when using the engine under sail. The “overdrive” gives the same speed at lower rpms. The result is less engine noise, less vibration and better fuel economy. The function is simple. Eg when changing from “overdrive” to normal drive the shift and throttle control is set in neutral, which allows the propeller to fold. Then the shift and throttle control is set in forward again. The propeller itself adds a new dimension to sailing under power. Qualities that are unique to the 3 blade Gori folding propeller.


Folding propellers have been reserved for small or medium size sailboats with moderate engine power. They have been able to obtain, under sail, the extra speed the folding propeller allows with the minimum drag. The 3-blade Gori folding propeller brings these advantages within the reach of larger sailboats and motor sailors. The extra speed under sail is substantial. The design prevents seaweed etc fouling on the propeller. A further potential for optimum speed. Tests by major yachting magazines have shown that the 3-blade Gori folding propeller has a much lower drag than any other well-known 3-blade sailboat propeller, no matter if it is a folding propeller or a feathering propeller.


The propeller revolution for larger sailboats and motorsailers is emphasized by the fact that this propeller can be used for boats fitted with engines from approximately 10hp (7kW) and up to approximatley 300hp (221kW), and the power transfer is on the whole the same as for fixed 3-blade propellers. The design of the Gori propeller results in minimum noise and vibration, which is often a problem for the well-known types of feathering propellers. This propeller is offered in diameters from 15″ and up to 30″. Tests by major yachting magazines have shown that the 3-blade Gori folding propeller has a much better efficiency both forward (+11%) and reverse (+6,5%) than a feathering propeller.


Gori propeller has for more than 20 years been leading the field in development of folding propellers. The 3-blade Gori folding propeller underlines Gori propeller’s technological leading position, which is protested by patents pending. The 2-blade Gori folding propellers have for over 20 years proved their superiority and quality. They have been a natural choice for boats exposed to the most intense strains, for example during the Whitbread Round the World Race. The 3-blade Gori folding propeller is manufactured in the same professional quality, where every single propeller has its own number and a “logbook” during production. Each propeller is balanced dynamically.


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