Dtorque 50
Dtorque 50

Engine Specifications


Commercial Engine, Diesel Outboard

Power Output (HP)


Power Output (kW)


Rated Speed

2500 RPM



Bore x Stroke

80mm x 80mm



Dry Weight



Tiller, remote (optional)



Dependable, reliable, never depleted

With close to 500,000 engine hours in the field, in addition to our own testing, the Dtorque 50 is an engine that will always get you home safely.


Greater power delivery at lower RPM


Your time is your money. Minimise your downtime.

We only source premium parts for Dtorque outboard engines. The Neander Dtorque 50 offers service intervals of 250 hours versus the 100 hours on an equivalent petrol outboard, meaning you can focus on day to day operations.



Life made easier, cleaner and greener

With full compliance with EU RDC Stage II regulations, the Dtorque 50 is a low emissions outboard engine. Besides using on average 40% less fuel than equivalent petrol outboards, a huge advantage to running a Neander Dtorque 50 is the ability to access low emissions zones.

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