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Swift Marine Superyacht Tender
OXE Diesel Australia

A superyacht tender built by Swift Marine has shown yet more versatility offered by the Oxe Diesel Outboard range. With the safety and convenience of single-fuel marine diesel propulsion, this tender has power to burn and reliability/serviceability that is hard to beat.

Spied at a Gold Coast boat ramp recently, this Swift Marine RIB had heads turning with its impressive 200 horsepower of Oxe Diesel Outboard on the back. The launching was during sea trials of the 6.5 metre, aluminium-hulled inflatable that was a custom-built and destined for duty as a tender on a luxury superyacht.

Survey-capable for 7 passengers, (10 in private use), the Swift Marine build is yet another showcase of just how versatile the Oxe Diesel Outboard platform can be.

Says Mitchell Roy, owner and managing director of Swift Marine; “The client specified the Oxe Diesel for the build and they are over-the-moon with the result!”

Find out more about Swift Marine's services at www.swiftmarine.com.au

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Light Duty Commercial

Engine Brand:

Oxe Diesel

Engine Model:


Application: Superyacht Tender
Vessel Construction: RIB
Vessel Builder: Swift Marine
Length: 6.5m
Weight: 1.7 tonnes
Engine Model: OXE200
Engine Power Rating: 200hp / 415Nm
Cruise Speed: 40 knots

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