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The Southwinds was designed in 1948 and built in Sydney in 1950 with Huon Pine planks.

The Ketch has even competed in Sydney to Hobart yacht races.

Purchased by Finn Irvine, the Southwinds went through a complete restoration at Noakes’ yard in North Sydney, which included replacement of the old engine with the state of the art YANMAR 4JH110 marine engine driving a Gori 3 blade folding propeller.

There were many challenges along the way, trying to fit the engine into the engine space available and also fitting the Gori folding propeller, which required some special modifications of the rudder to make it fit.

The owner is very happy with the end result, with a very quiet and fuel efficient engine installed, great performance and maneuverability from the Gori propeller, making the Southwinds one of the best charter yacht experiences you can have on Sydney Harbour.


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Light Duty Commercial

Engine Brand:


Engine Model:


Application: Light Duty Commercial (LDC) - Charter Vessel
Vessel Construction: Timber Ketch
Vessel Name: Southwinds
Vessel Owner: Finn Irvine
Length (LWL / LOA): 61’ LOA
Weight: 30 T
Engine Model: 4JH110
Engine Power Rating: 81kW (110MHP) @ 3200rpm
Drive Configuration: Shaft Drive
Gear Ratio and Model: ZF30M / 2.7:1
Electronic Control Type: N/A
Cruise Speed: 4-6 Knots
Top Speed: 10 Knots
Propeller Size: 24” x 17” 3 Blade Gori Folding
Technician Name: Ian Mills
Date of Operational Check: 5th February 2020
Sold by: Power Equipment NSW
Repower Installation Completed by: Noakes Group

Disclaimer: Power Equipment provides this Performance Report for general information only. This data is accurate only as to the exact date, time and
specifications set out in this Report. YANMAR makes no warranties as to the performance or fuel consumption of any boat equipped with a Yanmar engine as numerous factors affect actual performance of an engine.