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Scimitar 1010
Yanmar Australia

Scimitar Boats are back and have recently built two new Scimitar 1010 power cats in a re-launch of the popular design. The new versions of this popular Australian recreational cruiser will not only impress with a modernised layout, but also via their performance under Yanmar 4LV common rail engines.

While the Scimitar has been well and truly brought up to new millennium standards, (the fit out reflects its practical recreational boating origins, but now with far more class), those with an eye for detail would have noticed a fabulous upgrade in the engine rooms as well.

Powered by pairs of the brilliant 195mhp Yanmar 4LV195E-A common rail engines, Scimitar Boats has built new sedan and flybridge models, that are sure to take the Australian and New Zealand recreational power cat market by storm – if not internationally!

As a builder of quality commercial & luxury vessels, the team at the Aus Ships Group have always been happy with the engines supplied by Power Equipment. It was a natural choice then for a builder of Aus Ships’ caliber to go with the dedicated marine engine option of Yanmar for the Scimitar upgrade.

Says Tom Ryan, Technical Manager of Scimitar Boats: “We like the Yanmars, and as boat builders we particularly like the fact that the 4LV fits well in this hull. It’s the engine we’d recommend in these.”

Coupled with Yanmar’s own VC20 electronic controls and 2.43:1 gearboxes, the 4LV195’s are giving this new Aussie classic abilities and fuel consumption the older Scimitar owners could probably only have dreamt of.

A quick look at the output graphs of the 4LV195 explains why these four-cylinder, turbocharged performers help the Scimitar 1010 run so well.

Full torque is achieved from this engine at just 1,800rpm, (just under 500Nm of it in fact), yet even at 2,000rpm it is sipping under 10 litres per hour of diesel. Even taking the revs to the 2,700-2,900rpm mark (the engine’s WOT is 3,500rpm) delivers fuel consumption in the sub-20L/hr mark on the Scimitar 1010.

To put it simply, these direct-injection purpose-built marine engines are incredibly frugal when it comes to diesel consumption, and punch well above their weight!


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Pleasure Craft

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Engine Model:


Application: Pleasure
Vessel Model: Scimitar 1010
Vessel Type: Power Catamaran
Length: 11m
Weight: 6.9 tonnes
Engine Model: 2 x Yanmar 4LV195E-A
Engine Power Rating: 144kW / 195hp @ 1800rpm (each)
Cruise Speed: 20 knots
Top Speed: 25 knots
Controls: Yanmar VC20 electronic controls
Installation Completed by: Scimitar Boats / Aus Ships Group

Disclaimer: Power Equipment provides this Performance Report for general information only. This data is accurate only as to the exact date, time and specifications set out in this Report. YANMAR makes no warranties as to the performance or fuel consumption of any boat equipped with a Yanmar engine as numerous factors affect actual performance of an engine.