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Schouten Passage Two
Yanmar Australia

Schouten Passage Two originally built in 2002 by RDM in Hobart and was previously fitted with Cummins QSM11 535HP @ 2300RPM. Skipper Matt de-Candia says “fuel economy and vessel performance has improved considerably since repowering with the 6HYM-WET engines”.

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Commercial Marine

Engine Brand:


Engine Model:


Application: Wine Glass Bay Tourist, whale watch boat
Vessel Construction: Aluminum / RDM Built.
Vessel Name: Schouten Passage Two
Vessel Owner: Pennicott Wilderness Journeys
Length (LWL / LOA): 19.7 / 23.4
Engine Model: 6HYM-WET(M) x 2
Engine Power Rating: 600 HP @2100 RPM
Drive Configuration: Shaft
Gear Ratio and Model: ZF500 2.480:1
Electronic Control Type: ZF
Cruise Speed: 20knts
Top Speed: 25knts
Propeller Size: Mikado 33 x 44.5 x 5

Disclaimer: Power Equipment provides this Performance Report for general information only. This data is accurate only as to the exact date, time and specifications set out in this Report. YANMAR makes no warranties as to the performance or fuel consumption of any boat equipped with a Yanmar engine as numerous factors affect actual performance of an engine.