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When it comes to top-notch commercial boat engines, Yanmar Australia has you covered. The Yanmar CXB workboat engine is a remarkable blend of Yanmar's signature qualities – exceptional performance, robust torque, unwavering toughness, and unmatched reliability.

Whether you're in the market for pilot boat engines or seeking reliable solutions for commercial ferry services, fishing boats, or workboats, Yanmar guarantees your satisfaction. No matter the challenges posed by different conditions and varying loads, our Yanmar CXB workboat engine stands ready to deliver unparalleled performance. Trust Yanmar Australia for your marine propulsion needs, and experience the pinnacle of excellence in the industry.

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Commercial Marine

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Engine Model:

Yanmar 6CXBM-GT

Application: Commercial - Pilot boat
Vessel Construction: FRP – mono hull
Vessel Name: MOROBE
Length (LWL / LOA): 14.8 M LOA
Weight: 15.7 tonnes
Engine Model: Yanmar 6CXBM-GT – M rated
Engine Power Rating: 294kW (400HP ) @ 2500 RPM
Gear Ratio and Model: 2.037:1 – ZF 305-3A
Cruise Speed: 16.1 knots @ 2000 RPM
Top Speed: 24.6 knots @ 2550 RPM
Propeller Size: 27.5 x 28.5 x 4

Disclaimer: Power Equipment provides this Performance Report for general information only. This data is accurate only as to the exact date, time and specifications set out in this Report. YANMAR makes no warranties as to the performance or fuel consumption of any boat equipped with a Yanmar engine as numerous factors affect actual performance of an engine.