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Fish On
Yanmar Australia

Fish On is a Roger Hill Power Cat 12.8m in length and 5.2m wide.

Fish On Charters specialise in group charters for Fishing, Game Fishing, Diving, Kayak trips or Island tours.

After 15 years of reliable operation with the now superseded Yanmar 6LYAM-STP, the owner decided to repower the boat with the current engine model 6LY2A-UTP. After the repower, the boat was 4 knots faster than beforehand and the owner is very impressed with the results.

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Light Duty Commercial

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Application: Charter Fishing – Light Duty Commercial
Vessel Construction: Fibreglass
Vessel Name: Fish On
Vessel Owner: Ian Johanson
Length (LWL / LOA): 12.8 Meters
Weight: 14 Tons
Engine Model: 6LY2A-UTP
Engine Power Rating: 272kW (370mhp) @ 3300RPM
Drive Configuration: V Drives with Fixed Pitch Propellers x 2
Gear Ratio and Model: Ratio 2.49 / ZF85 IV
Electronic Control Type: Yanmar D type panel + Morse electronic control
Cruise Speed: 20 Knots
Top Speed: 26.5 Knots
Propeller Size: 29”
Technician Name: Anthony Duff
Date of Operational Check: 04/09/2020
Sold by: Peninsula Marine
Repower Installation Completed by: Peninsula Marine

Disclaimer: Power Equipment provides this Performance Report for general information only. This data is accurate only as to the exact date, time and specifications set out in this Report. YANMAR makes no warranties as to the performance or fuel consumption of any boat equipped with a Yanmar engine as numerous factors affect actual performance of an engine.