OXE Diesel Outboard engine

OXE Diesel is the world’s first high-performance diesel outboard engine, specifically designed for demanding and commercial users. The OXE Diesel range is built for those who require high durability, units that are easy to service and require minimal maintenance yet provide maximal range. By transforming the outboard motor, we’ve moving towards a more sustainable and ecologically positive marine environment, without compromising on reliability, endurance, power, and control.

Perfect for a range of applications

The OXE Diesel range has been designed specifically with governmental users in mind. With up to 300HP per outboard engine, combined with high torque, these engines allow for longer operational range, speed, and strength, as well as offer a multipurpose power unit platform.

OXE Diesel Outboard range
OXE Diesel 300hp


In search and rescue applications, the mission is not complete until the object is found and delivered to safety. The safety and increased range of running on diesel, the flexibility of an outboard, high alternator output, and reliability, are all critical aspects that make search and rescue operations easier for the user. Another important feature of the OXE Diesel design is its low noise level, making it easier to pick-up distress calls in bad weather.


The OXE Diesel outboard is the first and only commercially available outboard that is fully compliant to IMO, RCD, EPA and CCS demand. The OXE Diesel range offers unprecedented torque, low emissions and low fuel consumption, which is perfectly suited for landing or excursion tenders amongst other applications.


In the oil and gas industry, stringent safety regulations prevent the use of petrol engines as they are highly combustible. The OXE Diesel engine series is the first and only commercially available outboard able to be used across the oil and gas industry, as they operate with compression ignited diesel fuel and meet all the necessary safety regulations.


In the OXE Diesel engine series, the high torque and load-bearing capacity, combined with high-speed potential, provides ecotourism sea transportation with the perfect engine. The OXE Diesel’s low fuel consumption, capacity to run on biofuels and long service intervals ensures that ecotourism activities can operate with minimal environmental impact and maintenance interruptions.


The OXE Diesel engine series’ increased range capabilities means that more distant waters can be explored and more area can be covered. An increased power output (up to 180 AMP) allows for more equipment onboard to be powered through the engine without having the need for a separate generator. Vessels must endure all types of weather in the fishing industry, while at the same time providing dependable transportation for the passengers and the catch.


Most vessels are hindered by regulations to carry petrol onboard if regulated fire safe containment is not provided. The use of petrol is therefore a challenge for any vessel with tenders. The OXE Diesel engine series is the first commercially available outboard for vessels to meet these regulations.


The OXE Diesel offers high efficiency, low fuel consumption, high-power output and high torque, and can also operate in regulated areas such as harbors and other in-water structures. It’s also ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces with precision due to its ground-breaking Low Speed Control (LSC), Trolling Mode (TM) and Quick Shift Capability (QSC). 

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