Engine Specifications

Max Output (HP)

11.8 HP @ 2400 RPM

Max Output (kW)

8.8 kW @ 2400 RPM

Standby Output (kVA)

7.7 kVa @ 1500 RPM

Engine Type

Horizontal water-cooled



Fuel Type


Variable Speed


Fixed Speed



0.638 Litres

Bore x Stroke

92 x 96 mm


Direct Injection



Irrigation Pack available


Powerpack available


Tough power, always superior

The Yanmar TF range of water cooled diesel engines features a unique direct fuel injection system that gives users a number of unprecedented features such as:

  • Excellent combustion efficiency that uses less fuel
  • Delivers the power it promises, even in hot conditions
  • Significant drop in fuel and lube expenses
  • Easy and hassle free operation
  • Simple maintenance and servicing
  • Less vibration and less noise


Dynamic power

With the direct fuel injection feature you get a boost in energy and decreases in thermal losses. Extra high output creates the tough torque needed for heavy duty jobs. The high pressure Bosch pump, the hole-valve type injection nozzle, and the toroidal combustion crown add up to the improved combustion formula for better firing and complete burns.


Delivers over 40oc

Another measure of the TF range’s superiority can be taken from its power rating at the ambient temperature, as Yanmar rates the power output of the TF while operating at 27°c. Other engines, are generally rated at an ambient temperature of only 20°c, but when measured at the 27°c rating they’ll be giving you less power, while your Yanmar will be delivering 5.5% more! So you know that with a Yanmar you are getting output you can trust.


Significant drop in fuel and oil expenses

The many advantages of direct fuel injection is shown in direct fuel cost savings. You’ll be getting the power you want with better economy. A special separator keeps gear oil and crankcase oil independent, effectively controlling temperature increases. This and other unique features help the TF achieve its remarkably low lube oil consumption.


The complete diesel maker

From the basic block to the sophisticated fuel system, Yanmar engineers and builds the complete diesel engine. It’s a level of integration few other makers can claim.

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