Engine Specifications

Max Output (HP)

37.7 HP @ 3000 RPM

Max Output (kW)

28.1 kW @ 3000 RPM

Standby Output (kVA)

14.8 kVa @ 1800 RPM

Engine Type

Vertical water-cooled



Fuel Type


Variable Speed


Fixed Speed



1.642 Litres

Bore x Stroke

88 x 90 mm


Direct Injection



Irrigation Pack available


Powerpack available


Welcome to a new level of performance

The smaller Indirect Injection (IDI) engines have been made more efficient with the Yanmar Research Team improving engine combustion by altering flow mixing of air and fuel while a new, more compact in-line fuel injection pump has been developed for the TNV Series for faster fuel control and lower emissions.

The larger Direct Injection (DI) engines have also seen a makeover. Uneven atomisation of fuel in the combustion chamber has been reduced by changing the angle of the injector nozzle. A greater swirl effect in the combustion chamber has been achieved to increase the fluid energy of the air and fuel charge plus a new MP fuel injection pump delivers high injection pressure and more even injection between the cylinders. Engine noise has also been minimised with an optimised cylinder block and muffler design.


YANMAR continues its reputation for superior starting characteristics by refining the combustion process to assure more precise fuel delivery and control. The result is reduced emissions, improved performance over a wide range of applications and increased fuel economy.

* All information shown is to be used as general information only. Images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not represent the final product. All dimensions, power outputs and technical details are approximate and may vary from time to time depending on a range of factors. Any data shown is subject to change without notice. Some items or accessories may not be available in all areas/regions. Please consult your Authorised Dealer or Power Equipment Account Manager for all technical information.

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