Engine Specifications

Max Output (HP)

19.7 @ 3600 RPM

Max Output (kW)

14.7 kW @ 3600 RPM

Standby Output (kVA)

12.9 kVa @ 3600 RPM

Engine Type

Vertical water-cooled



Fuel Type


Variable Speed


Fixed Speed



0.784 Litres

Bore x Stroke

68 x 72 mm


Indirect Injection



Irrigation Pack available


Powerpack available


Ultra compact, maximum performance

These days are much more about the needs of the planet. The demand for more fuel efficient and greener engines is high in many industries and applications.  As a result of rigorous research and testing, Yanmar proudly presents the TNM Series.

  • Best in class power density
  • Low noise and low vibration
  • Compliant with US EPA Tier 4
  • Easy installation or replacement for almost all major applications


The TNM engine PowerPack – the complete package

The TNM PowerPack is designed to meet the diverse user needs and market requirements, and offer our customers a complete and ready package. The compact but powerful, reliable PowerPack provides durable performance, high quality and versatility, all while keeping the fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. By having several components added during the manufacturing process, it makes the installation and maintenance simple and user-friendly.

* All information shown is to be used as general information only. Images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not represent the final product. All dimensions, power outputs and technical details are approximate and may vary from time to time depending on a range of factors. Any data shown is subject to change without notice. Some items or accessories may not be available in all areas/regions. Please consult your Authorised Dealer or Power Equipment Account Manager for all technical information.

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